A long weekend

Nice tree in front of our house

It’s a long weekend in Manokwari, starting from Thursday, May 5. I didn’t go anywhere. I just stayed in the house and so far I have finished two books.

Photo above: a tree that lives in front of our house. And when I say house, I mean a house in our office backyard. Because I live there with my other officemates. 



I subscribe to Apple Music’s three-months trial. Now it’s been several weeks. It’s nice to discover new music from any genres, any year, any musician. The Apple Music also gives suggested playlists based from our music preferences. That’s how I found Toquinho, a Brazilian guitarist-singer. I listen to two song of Toquinho: Aquarela (Acquarello) & Errar Es Humaño. These songs make me feel easy.
Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 9.01.58 PM.png