I subscribe to Apple Music’s three-months trial. Now it’s been several weeks. It’s nice to discover new music from any genres, any year, any musician. The Apple Music also gives suggested playlists based from our music preferences. That’s how I found Toquinho, a Brazilian guitarist-singer. I listen to two song of Toquinho: Aquarela (Acquarello) & Errar Es Humaño. These songs make me feel easy.
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À Balikpapan

The good looking red cap

I put on a red cap that my cousin, Iva, bought for me. It’s a simple thing but I am so happy to have that good-looking cap (again). I had the same cap but I lost it in the trip to Derawan. The speedboat cruised extra fast that the wind blew my cap away to the sea. I was sad. I like the cap very much. I felt like I had lost a friend. I bought it from National Geographic flagship store in Balikpapan’s airport. During the trip, I can't stop thinking about the red cap that I had lost. That’s why I am so happy to have one again. Thanks, Iva, for buying me a new one. I can’t stop smiling afterward. Beside the cap, I accidentally left a short pant in Maratua Island.

Me and Otu

Otu and friends

If you look carefully, Otu was in my bag. It is an adorable monkey doll. In our trip in Derawan, we exchanged gifts. I received a book from Dewi, another book from Andre, a neck pillow from Tony, a trendy clock from Dhini, and a photo frame from Mumus. Guess what I gave as gifts? A doll like Otu. Each Depsos team members now have the same doll like Otu. They’re named Cimo, Kiki, Okoth, Minho, and Moca. Cimo belongs to Dhini and lives in Samarinda. Kiki belongs to Dewi and lives in Bintaro. Okoth belongs to Tony and lives in Sampit. Minho belongs to Andre and lives in Central Jakarta. And Moca belongs to Mumus and enjoys living in Jakarta. 



A comfortable and clean city

Balikpapan is a comfortable and clean city. Impressive. Unlike other cities in this country, it’s hard to find rubbish. The government and the citizens keep their city clean. Traffic jams also doesn’t exist in Balikpapan. I thank Kak Lina and family  for having me for four days in Balikpapan. I first came to Balikpapan in 2010. I had admission test for UGM at that time. I stayed for two weeks in Balikpapan for that test. I have always wanted to go back to Balikpapan. A Unnu, Fitri, Cica, and Reyhan have always asked me when I will visit Balikpapan again. And I am happy I could make it this year to Balikpapan. We went to cinema, go out for a walk, and watched sunset in Kumala Beach. I hope to come back again soon. And I also hope to see my Balikpapan family soon in family reunion this year in our hometown, Enrekang, South Sulawesi.



I flew back to Makassar with Iva on Thursday, February 11. I had an intensive melancholic feeling. I met my good old friends. I met my family there. I think about my friends in other cities that I have not met for months or years. They’re in my head like a tape of memories. I miss them.


Depsos en vacances

Derawan Islands is located in East Kalimantan. It’s a beautiful place. And I am lucky to have been there (February 6 - 8, 2016). This is a special trip because I was with my Depsos team. Our friendship started when we worked for the same department in Depsos BEM STAN, the major student league in our campus STAN. Having posted to different units in Ministry of Finance, we now live in different cities. Andre, Mumus, and Dewi live in the capital city Jakarta. Tony lives in Sampit, Central Kalimantan. Dhini lives in Samarinda, East Kalimantan. I don’t mind flying faraway from Manokwari to see my Depsos team. We don’t mind travelling far to see each other. I think that’s really sweet.


We met at Balikpapan airport. The brand new spacious airport is now called Sultan Aji Muhammad Sulaiman Airport. I went here last 2010 and it’s good to see Balikpapan again. I have been waiting for this day when I come back to Balikpapan. There’re five of us, including me, Dhini, Mumus, Dewi, and Andre. From Balikpapan, we took a flight to Berau. We would meet Tony in Berau airport, the closest airport to our destination spot, the Derawan Island. About 2 PM, the team was complete with Tony, who have travelled overnight from Sampit by an overnight car trip and two flights.



For this trip we hired a tour agent. Two cars from the tour agent picked us in Berau Airport and took us to the harbour. I enjoyed the car trip. We went trough the woods and the woods looks so beautiful and magical. Though it’s worth mentioning that parts of the jungle have been burnt. I thought the car trip will take only fifteen minutes. But actually it took two hours. That’s fine. I had longer time to observe the woods trough the car window. We proceeded our journey with a speedboat. We stayed in cottages.


We went to Sangalaki Island, Kakaban Island, and Maratua Island. These islands are very beautiful with the clear bright turquoise beaches. We observed the turtles babies on Sangalaki Island. We swam with the jellyfishes in Kakaban Island. And we talked all night. Our highlight topic is marriage that made me feel mixed up. We had a great time. A very special three days trip. 


Maratua Island

Depsos en vacances à Maratua Island

 Mumus, Dewi, Dhini, Andre, Me, and Tony. See you in our next trip!