Moving Tomorrow

I am moving tomorrow to a new place that close to running track I go to every afternoon. I hope it will give me fresher air. I have been living in a house in my office backyard. I and my officemates shared a house that requires only ten walks to reach our work desks. I have been feeling monotone and stagnant recently. And I hope the new place will give me a new sight and spirit. 


The Smaller Circle

I once red somewhere that my kind of age is the isolation age. It’s the time in life where you actually have bigger social circle, you have more friends or acquaintance everyday. But you feel lonely and desperate to keep up with your college or school best friends. Indeed, that’s true. 

When I just came back from Jakarta last month, that visit after Mataram, I told a friend of mine this: that I want to be a super rich so I can visit my friends anytime I want. I can buy time. I can buy all the tickets need to jump anywhere I want. For family and friends. 


Recent Happenings

I am sitting in a cafè in Manokwari. Maybe this is the fanciest cafè in this city. And I have been here in almost every weekend nowadays. I am sorry about the last sentence, maybe quite improper according to grammar. But I have been back to my French grammar drilling, and as you can see on my attached photo below I had that French Schaum’s Outline grammar book under my notebook. I just finished studied that time. My instax wide camera had just arrived from Jakarta. I had it fixed. Something went wrong with the lens mechanism. The lens would not come out every time I set it on. Now it works again and I can take a picture with my instax wide. 

So I have been back to my French study. Though I am not as keen as I am in 2014 or 2015. I studied everyday back then. But I am brushing it up again. I am busy conjugating French verbs. I have been also running every afternoon since a month ago. There’s this great running track uphill. I got a nudge after a particular experience and it inspired me to not even waste a single day as a gratitude to the life God has given to me. I can’t describe it completely here. But I got inspired to stick to whatever goals I am making. And I tried hard to keep on the balance. I tried to stick with my to-do lists.

I might sound so random in this post. The point is... this year, nothing but my-holidays really count. I wake up to work. Back to my room to sleep. And wake up again to work again in the another day. It’s not very special when you are caught in a rut. And I am resolute that even in the most ordinary days I should do something that adds to my future. And studying and running are just few of things I can do to make me not miss a day in life. And I always want to write to this blog. 

I moved to my office housing which located in my office backyard in last January. And I am moving again next month. I and my roommate have been planning to move since last July. This month, in a very ordinary day and very ordinary morning, he came to me and told me that he’s got a room in a rooming house not very far from my head office house. So, it’s time to move this time. I was thinking about moving next year, on January. We have been searching for a house to rent in this city, but we got none. There’s only one vacant room in the house, so I am moving away next month. I wait for another resident to move from the rooming house and I am gonna move in. Pardonnez moi, these sentences are not articulate. The important thing is that I am writing my updates in this blog, no matter how unclear I might sound this time. 

my desk

My desk for studying or making good plans, or just to put things on it


I must make a way to make my days more interesting. Or maybe two or three ways. Back to the days I was in college, I was a man with dreams. Now I think I might have stuck in a comfort zone. I think that most of the times or days, I just let the days pass by without accomplishing anything. Maybe I will make a poetry everyday to make a day counts.

I hope good readers can understand how I am feeling this moment. I think the song Nothing Lasts Forever by The Echo and The Bunnymen can sum up how I am feeling.

Screen Shot 2016 11 26 at 11 08 55 PM

Lyrics from that song