Mes vacances à Makassar et Yogyakarta


Il était décembre 30 2017. Je suis parti à Manokwari le matin. J’étais heureux parce que je suis parti pour les vacances. Mes parents sont allés me chercher à l’áeroport. Je ne suis pas rentré dans ma maison depuis le mois de Ramadan. Alors j’étais content de revoir mes parents. Quand je restais à Makassar, mon plus jeune frère est parti à Bandung. Il rendait visite mon aîné. Alors, je passais beacuoup de temps seulement avec mes parents. Makassar n’avait pas les plages belles comme Manokwari. Nous aimions aller au café.

En janvier 5 2018, le vendredi, je suis allé à Yogyakarta. Dans le premier jour, j’ai visité le musée d’Affandi et la rue Malioboro. Je pensais que Bandung est la plus belle ville d’Indonesié, mais  quand je suis arrivé à Yogyakarta, je l’ai reconsidéré. Pendant la nuit, je suis parti à Yogyakarta pour Kutoarjo avec mon ami qui est arrivé de Sampit, Centre de Kalimantan. Il était une petite ville à Purworejo. Mes autres quatre amis ont arrivés à Samedi. Le jour suivant, nous avons attendu d’un mariage de notre amis à Wonosari. Le mariage était paisible et joyeux. Dans la même jour, nous avons aussi visité le temple de Borobudur à Magelang. Il était le premier fois pour moi de le voir. Je pensais qu’il était magnifique! Mais il y faisait trés chaud. Suivant, nous somme rentrés à Yogyakarta.

IMG 0196


Je suis parti à Yogyakarta à mardi soir. Je suis resté dans ma maison pendant un jour. Je suis arrivé à Manokwari dans le janvier 10 2018. Il y avait un an je suis parti à Manokwari! Mes vacances étaient vraiment impressionnant. C’est une histoire gravée dans ma mémoire.




A Trip to Samalona Island

I was in Makassar for eight days. As I have mentioned, I had an assignment, which is attending a so-called workshop. Some friends of mine went to Makassar too. They come all from all the east Indonesia offices. Including Dika, a friend who now works at Wamena, Papua. You should check where and what is Wamena. It’s so faraway. I went to the same class with Dika in my first year at the college. At the last day of that assignment, Dika told me he has never been to a beach for years, since college. I really can’t resist myself from beach. I enjoyed my living in Manokwari where I can reach any beach easily and our beaches are also nice. And I have had trips in recent years to Derawan and Lombok (twice). So I have been to beaches and I have seen enough beaches. So, I had an idea for a trip.

I asked my family if we could go to an Island not faraway from Makassar. I and Abrar, my brother, aimed for Panambungan Island because it’s a nice Island, not so many people have been there. And I think the pier of the Island looks great. But my parents wished we could go to another Island. Panambungan was too far. It took an hour to reach Panambungan. On the way to the port, we had a discussion and it led to a consensus: we’re going to Samalona Island. Too bad, Aldy, my older brother, couldn’t join us because he had something else.

We took a boat to reach the island. The wind is nice. The waves are friendly. It’s been midday when we reached Samalona. It’s sunny and hot too. I wish I am writing this in Indonesian, because I want to write: kami berteduh di bawah semacam pondok dari bahan bambu. It’s rather hard to say it in English. Or I am just too lazy to think for appropriate words for that!

We waited until 3 PM until we finally took our snorkling kits. And finally Abrar, Dika, and I dived! My parents waited for us at the bamboo shack. I must say the view are just amazing. I never really use snorkeling kit before. I have tried it before in Derawan with my Depsos friends, but I found it very uncomfortable. I can’t manage make myself breath. So there in Samalona Island, that was the first time I really had the use of snorkeling kit. It’s wonderful to see what’s living underneath the sea water. I usually use swimming glasses. With this snorkling glass with breathing tube, I could stay longer underwater. That’s great. My mother enjoyed her feet on the beach sand. She talked to a fisherman who was trapping fishes on the beach. The fisherman got some colorful fishes. My mother decided to buy the fishes.

The boat driver came to us. He told us we need to leave. The waves could be not so friendly. So, we spend the last minutes for a quick diving and taking photos. Then, we’re in the boat again and left Samalona. That’s a nice trip. I really value this trip I shared with family and friend.

My bother Abrar with Makassar city behind as the background


The Smaller Circle

I once red somewhere that my kind of age is the isolation age. It’s the time in life where you actually have bigger social circle, you have more friends or acquaintance everyday. But you feel lonely and desperate to keep up with your college or school best friends. Indeed, that’s true.

When I just came back from Jakarta last month, that visit after Mataram, I told a friend of mine this: that I want to be a super rich so I can visit my friends anytime I want. I can buy time. I can buy all the tickets need to jump anywhere I want. For family and friends.