yes. lebaran has come. and we as muslim are really happy. at the night of lebaran day I spent my time in my house. you can hear takbir everywhere. at the next day, i prayed in large field near my house with many people. after did the pray, me and my family gathered in the house. we ate some food then we went to our grandmother's house in pelita. at the day, we were going to 'mudik'. we will back to my village in enrekang, sulawesi selatan. when we went to the village, that really far, my father drove his car. there were 8 people in my car. First was me, then my mother, my father, grandmother, grandfather, my aunt, my younger and older brother. it was crowded. arrived. i was very happy when we have arrived in my village,maroangin. enrekang. there, i met my cousins, aunts, uncles, nephews, grandfathers, grandmothers. i met with indah and rizal. my nephew and my niece. they are so playful. they made me not bored. in the village, we did many visits. we went to many places .my stomach was always full. everytime we visit somebody else house, there will be foods and drinks for us. we can't ignore them. i really like lebaran day. there are many food and drinks. but its a disaster for your digestry. nyahaha.