Friday.After the school, I went to K Rijal's House in Baruga. There also Anggi, Dila, Amel, and Dahlia my classmates and Toon the exchange student. The house is in Bukit Baruga. I went there by riding my motorcycle and K Rijal rode along with Toon. We cooked noodles and ate it together. We watched movie. A horror movie titled Unrest. The movie wasn’t finished yet, but we stopped it.

Dahlia, like Toon said. She is a little bit crazy. Maybe because she is talkative and says what she wants. While Toon watched the Hellboy in K Rijal’s Laptop, we were talking and planning about his special October 28. I and Dahlia also did our deutsch homework there because Toon knows Germany language quite well. (But bad in speaking, he said). I went back to my house in around 5 pm. And when I arrived in my house, I am suffering a sick. My whole body is painful. I laid down and tried to sleep. I had headache and felt queasy like I want to vomit everything in my stomach.

Saturday.I didn’t go to school because of sick and so did my younger brother.