What I have done this week.

This week. On Monday morning , I was free of worry because I had done my Fiery’s responsibility report (LPJ Fiery). The FRR was held in October 8 & 11 2008 and made me very dizzy. But, on Monday I realized that I don’t have to worry anymore because Fiery now has a new president, so that all the things will be managed by the new president, not me. I trust her, the new president for year 2008-2009. The FRR in October 11 was held until 8 PM. And it’s really a long meeting. On Monday, I had math, bahasa Indonesia and English. In afternoon at the day, I finally came to my study course, Primagama. Maybe, I am the laziest student in primagama perintis.
In Thursday, at 4.30 pm I went to Unhas field. And played softball with my friends from Five Softball Club. We will have a big tournament that’s why we practice quite often. The tournament, as what I know, will be held in Karebosi field of Makassar. The softball tournament will be participated by several senior high school teams. They’re my school SMUNEL, SMANSA, SMADA, KACHAK, and SMAGA. Maybe there will be other teams, but I dunno them. I hope we will win because we have the biggest pitcher of all SHS team, arif!!! He is big. But, somehow in the practice at the day, our coach Kak Adil said his regret because he thought arif was over confidence and played bad. But, I trust arif.
In Wednesday, I didn’t go to school. Because I was sick. Maybe, because the practice last day. At 5 pm i went to my course again, primagama. Actually there was softball sparing for smunel and unhas, but I decided to study than played softball. Maybe I am too afraid of national examination so I study harder and play less time.
In Thursday, at 4 pm I back to the field. I did some sit-ups and it made my stomach very painfull until now. I have never done sit-ups very much before, that’s why I have the pain.
In Friday, I went to school. After the school, Kak Azhar invited me to join his ‘training’ class. I knew he is going to be a teacher in Kaori Bunkaen, a Japanese language course. Kak Azhar had to try his teaching ability to some students, so he invited me, Iin, and Kak Rijal to join into his Japanese class. Me, IIn and KaK Rijal were sitiing down in class of XI IPA 2 while he explained the lesson. The lesson was about introducing ourselves in Japanese. It was clear and I think kak azhar will be a good teacher. On Friday night, me, arif, galih and imam worked our softball club report for OSIS. We did it from around 8 pm until about 10.30 pm. We did it in galih house, that quite near to my house.
In Saturday, I didn’t go to school. I was not in good mood. My body was still painfull.
Next week, the softball tournament will start in Wednesday. Wish we luck.!!!
In this Sunday. I had OSIS LPJ in the school. And our LPJ was accepted! I had many homeworks today. Sejarah, Biologi, Kn and others.