Back to Softball Practice, Day 1

Today, I went to the hockey Field of unhas, where I practiced Softball. Maybe it has been a month, for my team for having no softball practice. We didn’t practice because, we are very busy, lazy, and were not sure about the softball competition which is said will be held in Karebosi Field. The competition has been postponed twice, and we are not sure if the competition will be realized. But, now the uniforms of our team have been arrived. Blue softball shirt and white pant. My pant is not tight enough, as what it should be. :D

And we have got the fix date of the competition. Our coach, Kak Adil said that it will be held, really-really will be held, on 4 December 2008. It means next week! But, we are not ready. That’s why most of the kids in our team came today for practice.

I wish I had enough practice today. Because I was late, and everyone has already touch the ground and did the ‘fielding’ when I came. I spent about 5 minutes for warming (pemanasan). A pitcher threw the ball and one kid did the batting (hit the ball using a metal made stick/bat/slugger), and the others will keep the bases and try to catch ball. I took a glove and stood waiting for a ball come to me. I wish a ball flew to me. I was just standing, Garr! And I don’t have a chance to do the batting because everyone wanted to go home when I have stood for 15 minutes waiting for a ball. So, I came uselessly.

After the practice I wanted to go home, because I was wearing a short basket pant, and today I have to go to primagama. But, Ridho (who also have softball practice) forced me not to go home and directly go to primagama, which is near from Unhas. Because he has planned to take a bath in Primagama bathroom and having the study after that. So thats what happened. I went to Primagama by wearing a short basket pant (sexy banget gitu loh)…malu-maluin! I also brought a long softball stick, my friends in primagama, thought I was going to have Tawuran. Come on, I am not that anarchy…!