Back to Softball Practice, Day 6

My friends are still busy. Thats why we dont have practice today. Most of them are in school’s Masjid now, taking parts as organizing committee of LKD. But I went to the field. Yes, coz I miss playing softball. Today, I wore my team uniform, warnanya biru. There were many kids came there and also some coaches and Unhas students. The students came from Smansa, smaga and from Bone. The coaches taught their kids. But, kak adil my coach, didn’t come. But, kak Budi, teman kak adil, mau mengajar saya latihan. Saya diajar latihan melempar bola. Walaupun sudah berbulan-buan bermain, cara melempar saya masih salah. Di lapangan juga ada Kak eno, yang angka favoritnya 69, he likes to say “Hit the fucking ball, asshole!”. Anak-anak Unhas Cuma sedikit yang datang. I met Amma, my friend from smansa, she plays as outfielder in smansa softball (girl) team. In magribh everybody went home. 5 hari lagi, ready or not, we have to face the match!