Graffiti Contest

I joined with Graffiti competition with my friends, Rio and Gery. In Invitation Jubel Cup IV which is held by Jubel (SMA Negeri 17 MKS). In the Graffiti competition there were also Fadel, Angga, and Ariyo (as Weer team), Kamil (bandit), Morkid, Jamur, and I forgot the last team, I don’t know where they come from. For zotta this is the 3rd graffiti contest we joined to. First one was in Athirah School; the second was in IBB Smansa.

Like usual, we always have graffiti practice and make the sketch of graffiti before we paint it on the wall or plywood. So, in Sunday (9 November 2008), we went to Weerlicht and wait for Anca and Fadel. I went there with Ridho (rode along with him) and Kak Rijal (he wanted to know about graffiti stuff). When we arrived at Weerlich, there’re no Geri, Rio, Fadel and Anca yet (like usual, when you promised to meet someone at 4 o’clock, the person you made meeting with will probably come at 5 o’clock). So we waited for them. About 5.15 or 5.30, Rio and Anca have already come, Gery was in GTC and Rio didn’t want to pick him up to Weerlicht. Kak rijal went home, because waited too long. Finally, we went to Fadel’s house in Hertasning. There he help or actually made the graffiti sketch for us. At the day, we didn’t have a graffiti practice, but we got a good sketch. Fadel has many great graffiti artworks. In wednesdsay, (12 november 2008), after school me and Ridho went to Weerlicht again, because we will have graffiti practice at the day. Rio and Gery like usual, came late. Around 4 o’clock, we started the practice in the 2nd floor of Weerlicht on the plywood. I think we didn’t practice enough at the day, because we have much more conversation than the practice itself. At least, we think we were ready for the competition.

In Friday, in the day of competition, we arrived at Yoss Field at 3.30 and it was drizzle. Even it was drizzle and wet, but the competition was still continued. The plywoods were moved to the stage, so that we didn’t get wet. After finishing the graffiti, we all went home. The winner will be announced tomorrow.

Pictures of the graffiti will come soon