Prahara Durjana

Today is very disappointing day. Me, K Rijal and Toon joined an English competition, Makassar Smart Squad. We are one team. And we lose. We didn’t win the competition. I know i have to be patient (or iklash) to take the fact, that we are defeated in the game. But, it is just unfair. The competition was held in Balai Prajurit M Jusuf near the Karebosi field ( I believe you know the place) on Kompas Gramedia Fair and managed by LIA.

We played the competition since last Tuesday. In preliminary round we won the game, and we went to the semi final round which was held today. The game (played by three teams) is like this. The competition has three sessions, first is Smart Listening. In Smart Listening we listen to someone reading a narration or a watch a video clip. After we listen, there will be ten questions which will be answered by the team who know the answer based from the narration. In preliminary round my teams answered four of the questions, and in the semi-final round we answered 7 questions. This means, we don’t get any trouble in this session.

The second session is Smart Speaking; each team has a speaker who will bring a speech about the given topics, like Thomas Jefferson, lady Diana, SBY, Elizabeth Browning, BJ Habibie, Ice Cream, Anorexia, etc. Our speaker is Kak Rijal and he is very good on memorizing all the topics. He memorized everything about the topic. Like in Thomas Jefferson topic, he memorized when he was born, what he did in his life, and so on. We don’t really have trouble on this session. We got the data about the given topics from the internet and from school-library’s big encyclopaedia. We quit from the class and studied the topics in the library. Yeah, it’s a bonus, that we didn’t have to sit-down in the b**ing classroom.

In the second session, sometimes the speaker were so funny, I mean not my speaker (we have a best speaker). Like making a really enthusiastic opening but to much grooming and boring explanation in the middle, and then when they want to stop, they became enthusiastic again. Haha Or sometimes, they don’t know what to say, so they say an apologize “I am sorry, I don’t what to say again, eh, that’s all, thank you….” Or even there was a girl, that have really “amazing” opening, she began her speech by saying Assalamu Alaikum twice and say hi to all the visitors of KGF, and mentioned the sponsors of the Kompas Gramdia Fair, hehe, I believe it was in order to prolong her speech. It’s tricky.

In the third session, the session is called smart betting. In smart betting, the scores we got will be bet (Indonesia: dipertaruhkan). It depends on us, how many scores we want to bet. If we are correct in answering the question we will get the score we bet, but if we are false the score we got will be decreased as many score we bet. So, this is like a gambling. From session 1 and 2, our time have got the highest scores compared from the other two groups. And this is the most difficult one, because the other two groups have the same chance to win, because in the third session there just one question and we just answer false or true. We will get a paper, in the paper there is a sentence, we are given a minute to think whether the sentence structure is true or false. In this case, we think that the given paper is true, kak rijal and toon also believe that based on their knowledge in English grammar. I also believe it.

Then we bet 79 points of our score and wrote on the paper “True”. When the answer was showed on the screen, the answer was False. Then we found ourselves lost the game. OMG! I remembered kak rijal said to us (me and Toon), “we have to win this semi-final round”, and now… 

Something is wrong with this competition. First, we think that the score we got in 1st and 2nd session was useless, because finally every team can gamble their score, no matter how many score they got, and they can win. We already have the highest score, because we tried so hard in 1st and 2nd session, but it doesn’t mean anything. The second is that we still believe that the sentence in Smart Betting was true. So we asked for an explanation to LIA, the organizer of Makassar Smart Squad, (supported by Kak Rijal’s cousin). But LIA said that the sentence was false and didn’t accept with the explanation from us (Kak Rijal and Toon did the explanation). Yeah, we can’t do anything.

So we went back to home with a hole inside our heart (feel disappointing) and regret. The situation became worse because it was rain, making a perfect bad day. We rode our motorcycle went to Kak Azhar’s house. We lost an unfair game. And we didn’t get the KIA car. In the front of Balai Prajurit M jusuf, there was a Sedona KIA. And I told Toon, joking, that if we win the competition we will get the KIA. Haha

Wet, tired, we all went home. Thanks for our supporters, Iin, Anggi, eka, Dahlia, Dila and Kak Azhar for accompanying us. We love you guys.

In the way home, I rode along with Kak azhar, while toon with kak Rijal, k azhar said

This is prahara durjana” haha

*Prahara Durjana: hurricane, tempest


  1. The School gave us Rp.200.000,00 for this competition. We spent the money to pay the registration fee (Rp.60.000,00), bought gasoline, lunch at KFC, and drinks.

  2. When we (me, k Rijal and toon) walked, everyoned stared at us, or ehem, actually stared at Toon. In the Mall (MaRI), in Balai Prajurit M jusuf, and or on the street, they at stared him.

  3. In a gas station,(Jalan Rappocini Raya), when me and Toon were waiting Kak Rijal fill his motorcycle with gasoline, two women approached Toon. They asked for Toon’s number, asked for taking a picture with him and asked him some silly questions. OMG! Haha, kodong... “I wish I can have a child like you,” said one of them in Indonesian language.

  4. This is the second time for me to be one team with Kak Rijal, the first one was in Zero One English Championship 2008 in SMANSA (with wanda we were the runner up in Debating category). And this is the first time of Toon joined English competition since he arrived in makassar.

  5. I learnt some new vocabularies from my team-mates, like B.J. what’s BJ?

  6. We didn’t get the KIA!