End of the exam

Kak Azhar treats!!!

I feel so free now. My school’s exam has been finished. And we gonna have holidays. Yippi!!! Officially, my school holiday will start in 1st January until 14th January. But, we don’t need to go to school now; I mean it’s not a compulsory. So happy holiday…

In Thursday, I, Kak Azhar and Iin went to panakukang mall. Kak azhar treat us! He treats us, because he won in National APBN Reading competition, in debating category. It’s a great achievement! Kak Azhar, invited Kak Rijal, Wanda, and other kids, but they can’t come/don’t want to go with. So, we are just three. I wish Kak Rijal, and Wanda had been with us. Wanda past the provincial ISDC selection, and she will go to the national ISDC competition. We plan to celebrate it together today, but she can’t come.

We Watched movie at 4.30. The movie we watched was The Day the Earth Stood Still. It’s a good movie. It’s about alien invasion to the earth. The alien want to take the earth from human, because human destroy the earth. The alien think that human have bad character, which is really destructive. Human destroy the forest, the sea, and the ground for their selves, without taking care to them. It’s a happy ending movie, alien finally cancel their mission to kill all human because human promise will change. And, it also because alien find ‘another side of human’, it is love. So sweet…