Making dreams...

Today, I came to Kak Ahlul House. We had a small ‘party’ in his house. There were Kak Anjar, Kak Artha, Kak Meong and Kak Hiro. They all are my seniors in Fiery. Kak Anjar, just arrived from Jakarta, where he studies Taxes in STAN. One reason why we made the party. We ate spageti, cornet, with cheese and mayonnaise, and omelet which cooked by Kak Meong. He is really good on cooking. After lunch, kak artha made the popcorn, and gunyu-gunyuers went upstairs, in kak ahlul’s room.

We sat on the floor and circling. Kak Ahlul gave everyone a piece of small paper, and we played the game. In the first round, we have to write on the paper things we want to get in 2009. We had three minutes to think and write our resolution. It was an exciting game. After, three minutes everyone stopped writing and the paper were randomly read by other persons instead of the writer itself. When somebody’s paper was being read, everyone gave their advices and comments about it. So creative… It’s really funny, because everyone has different resolutions. Kak Artha even wrote…”tempat tisu” on his paper as one of his resolution (his paper was almost full). Haha

Pass the UN test… (of course).

Become an International Relation student

Have a Lomo camera

The things above were a part of the things I wrote in my paper. I hope I can make it.

In the second round, we wrote again in the small paper, but now we wrote what we want to get in the future. No matter in what year, all things we want to achieve in our life should be written in our paper. The results of the second round were more personal. About marry someone, about our occupation in the future, how many children we want to have, and etc. I wrote: I want to work in Deplu or International Organization, I want to have 3 children, life in a big house, have some vehicles, build an orphans house and so on. Haha… I wrote many things. But, what my seniors wrote even more personal. Kak Ahlul wants to live in Spain, Kak Anjar wants to marry ====, and so on. After the game, we all agreed, that our papers will be kept. And someday we will gather again, and see If we did our resolution or not. Kak Ahlul keeps the papers.

Yea, for all, I hope next year will be better than this year. I hope I will get more friends, have more fun, achieve what I wrote on the paper, and everything will be ok. Honestly, I am afraid of UN…really. I think UN will be the scariest thing I have to face next year… And for all, in the future I want to live abroad and work in international community where we fix the world’s problem so that every nation in the world can live peacefully.