Couch Potato and Beach Lover

I spent my new year eve in my house. I expected that my father will take the family to somewhere…for having fun. But, unfortunately we just stayed home this night. Abrar and Aldi my brother had gone from home, they went out from home to spend their time with their buddies. I took my cell, and called my friend, like Aspar, Geri and Ridho, called what they did at that night. Geri was in some kind of party with his friends, Ridho was in house (haha…the same with me), Aspar was going to spend his night with his family and after that he would go to Adi’s house with Fachri. Aspar did invited me to go with him, because I told him that I have nothing to do and have no place to go that night, but I was so sleepy so I didn’t come. So, I was a couch potato that night, just watching the tv show (which is not interesting).

Fortunately that morning, about 6 am, we had gone from home and Bapak already drove his car to the Akkarena Beach. There we played with the water and having fun. We went home, went the rain fell on the beach. There’re some people just arrived in the beach when the rain fell, and my father laughed at them, “Who did ask you to come late?!”. Hahaha