On Sunday, we watched The Mist

So, I, Abrar, my mother and my father went to movie this Sunday. We went to M’tos and watched The Mist. I was the person who chose the movie. I red from the Mist’s poster that the mist is Stephen King’s story. I had watched some movies which based from Stephen King’s book, and they usually awesome and have un-expectable ending. The movies are always scary. Fortunately, everyone follow my decision. We watched the movie at 8pm and finished watching around 10pm.

The mist is very frightening, awesome, sad, scary, and you will feel so sorry in the end of the movie. You have to watch this Stephen King’s story. Oh, I still feel so sorry about the end of the movie (about David and his child losing), and me and my brother were still talking about the movie until we arrived home. My brother says, “I am so scared, “. He hates the music at the end of the movie. If I compare Madagascar and The mist, Madagascar is so far…! Trust me, this is awesome movie!

buah kebosanan hari ini: sketsa bodoh.