Today I went to M’Tos with my friends. I and Amma called some friends to come. We planned to make some kind of Nonton Bareng yang benar-benar rame. But, there was just Baso, who came. I don’t know where the other. So there were just me, Amma, and Baso. But, suddenly we met Iqbal , and we were four! So we watched Madagascar. I don’t really like Madagascar, because it is a very ordinary movie and not really funny. I just laughed, in particular scene.

But the things made me happy that day, was not the movie, but it because I could have ‘funtime’ with Amma and Baso. Baso is also AFS volunteer, but in many times he didn’t come to AFS event because he was less of information. He would say to me, “please tell me if you know AFS event, I will also come, ok!” or “sms ma saja kalo ada acaranya AFS, datang ja itu!’ I knew, I should have told him if there is any AFS event, but sometimes I forget to tell him. So, I was such kind of ‘merasa bersalah’. And when today we watched movie together, talking together and have fun, I know that everything is ok, between me and Baso.

Amma likes my stupidity very much. Amma is my friend from my junior high school(smpn 8 makassar), we both like harry potter and photography very much. She studies in smansa mks. She is smart, talkative, also a debater and sometimes very hyperactive and mischievous. She also likes movie making. She is a movie director in her school. Today we talked about lomography, about Polaroid, or everything about cameras. I began to talk very enthusiast when we talked about lomo cameras. I explain almost everything I know about lomo. But she doesn’t really want to have lomo, she wants Polaroid or DSLR camera. Yes, Polaroid is also cool.