Today I had a ‘hanging around’ with Kak Diqu, Kak Randy and Kak Ahlul in panakukang mall. All of them are my senior in high school debating world and my senior in AFS. Kak randy and kak diqu comes from sman17mks. I have had ‘hanging aorund’ with them before, and sometimes K Randy would act so crazy. And almost of them like to talk extraordinary topic, I who almost become a silent boy, just laugh every time these older brothers and sister talking about funny things.

So, we were sitting down in A&W, and I began to smoke my straw. I drank root beer float. And oh my god, they began to gossip. Kak Ahlul started to talk about mr.x who likes to make blalala… and kak randy began to make another case proving this…that Mr.X was blalalala…. And kak diqu would say…may be he just blala… Then they laughed. And I also laughed, even I pitied with the people being gossiped by them.

And we also talked about Israel who attacks Palestine. We talked about Jerusalem, or their experiences when they still in abroad, doing they exchange student year. I like when they began to talk about something I didn’t know, because I can get new knowledge and I like to hear them talk about something in different point of view. We talked until they finished their lunch and I finished smoking my straw.

Divine, Fate and Decree

And when we were in Gramedia,in Islamic book section, they started to talk about religion. Kaka Diqu began to talk about ‘destiny’. She said like this: people in this world have got a written destiny, made by God. So no one in this world has a freedom of choice. Because, everything we do, we actually will go to our fate.

Like this, let suppose that you are a student. There is two school you want to enter, school A and school B. You are predestined (ditakdirkan) that you will enter School B because there will be something or someone you will meet in that school. But, you actually choosing A. You attend the test and you failed the school A enter test. So you finally back to your fate, you will be in school B. or (in case you don’t understand yet what I mean :p) : you like someone very much, you do everything to get him/her, but in your fate, he or she is not your destiny, so you cant do anything because your marriage partner is not him or her. What ever you do, you will finally get your fate. So, do we have a freedom o f choose? Or the world run (I mean: berputar dan berjalan) everyday, in the way they have been predestined. So, guys do we have choices or we just do our destiny? Instead of having a free in choosing everything we want to be or want to get. SO, it is very sad, that some people in this world have been predestined as criminals. Some people have been predestined as killers, as naughty kids, as bitches (ehem..sorry to say this), as rude leaders, as atheists and so on… So are that people wrong? Or are they innocents because they just do their fate?

So does this world (and everything inside of it) run in its predestined rail? And are we just people who do their fate? I, you, she, he, and they…have been predestined to be this way. No one can run from their fate.

I am a Muslim, and believing fate is one of our faith pillars. And we do have to believe that Allah SWT will give us the best thing for us.