Everything is fine

Hm… take a breath. I have been busy with books (even I don’t really understand them), with bimbingan sore and bimbingan belajar. O…cape de. I haven’t posted anythin g since ages ago…due to my business and my laziness to stop in the front of my computer and type something.

First of all… as the time pass by... Finally I got something I have dreamed before. Something I really want to get this year: lomographic Diana f+. My dad bought this toy camera for me on 27 January 2008. got it from lomostore. The package of my lomo was marvelous, first I got the camera with its neck stale and it’s lens cap,the manual, and the most beautiful after the Diana itself is the Diana f+ vignette books. Inside the book there are many pi ctures and stories about Diana, which make me really want to start my adventure with my new toy. So in the Sunday, I took my lomo and went to some places with Amma. We went to societet de harmonie, losari beach, and in fort Rotterdam. Took some pictures. We were having fun. We even stopped at chambers, just to see the Diana + vignette book and holga book on its whatnot. Two crazy kids.

I am so happy. I don’t really worry about anything. I like to eat until my stomach extremely full. Sometimes I bring my eye-catching Diana to school, take pictures, and walking around the school (many times with kak rijal). I also really like when people wave to me, call me “kak sam” or “sam”. Sometimes whe n I wait my bimbingan sore, I will go with kak rijal to his uncle house which is just behind the school’s biology laboratory, having lunch with him or wanda in maspur. I share the same table with Anggi in the classroom, because her table-mate, Dian, is sick. I like to talk to her. The talkative girl who sits behind me, dahlia, like to scream “mas” or “mesum” calling my name.
I am happy with my days

There will be upstairs and white shoes and the couples company next Sunday in sman2makassar. I want to watch the event.
My next plan: I really want to enter the international relation of unpad (padjajara
n univ).
but, hey-hey, little sam, you have to face ujian nasio nal before thinking further about university. ujian nasional: susaaaaaaaaaaah.
But I think I can. I will be ready.

So far, everything is fine.
I am happy.