Lets sing.

.as loud as you can

(this picture was stolen from Louie Buana Facebook Note)

So, after attending the perisai English contest, and feel so tired. We all went home but then met again in Sweet Memory which located in pengayoman at 8 pm. We all wanted to sing. Yo, everybody lets sing! Before we go singing, kak randy whispered me something. Kak Rijal, Kak Ahlul and Kak Venny are really good in singing, they have that good voice. And we are not the same with them.

“I dunno how to sing anyway,” kak randy said.

“so do I”, I replied.

“they all have good voice!”

“yes, they do. OMG!”

“but wait until you hear diqu sings. She is so terrible”

“oh really?”

“yes, she sings without considering rhythm and tone”

“hahaha. Omg!”

“So terrible”.

But, everything we were afraid about was gone when we all began to sing. We forgot everything and just sing. It was very fun because everybody didn’t need to be shy for being so crazy. What I and kak randy talked about was true. First about the voice of ‘the three’, and about kak diqu who sang not as briliant as bringing her case in English debating contest.

Kak diqu began to sing. And it was so high pitched, and I dun have idea what she did actually. Me and kak randy smiling to each other, smiling that meant “you know what , it happened“. Hahaha. Kak diqu saw our suspicious smile, and pinched me. Ouch. But I think, kak diqu’s sing style and voice became better after couples songs.

In the dark room, we all not just singing, but also dancing. Dancing so wild and so crazy. Some of them even did striptease! We just had two microphones but it couldn’t stop us to sing together. I couldn’t differentiate between singing and screaming. If I didn’t get the mic or couldn’t get close to the mic I will sing so loud (screaming). So fun!

After the karaoke:

“I think I sang better,”

“So do i”

“I learn a lot, especially about improvisation in the end of the lyric. I make it longer in the end,” I said.

“Yes, that’s good when we couldn’t reach the tone,” kak randy replied.


After the karaoke, we went for coto in coto daeng pengayoman, which really near with the sweet memory. Everyone was starving. Kak Venny (she came from palopo) said she never eats coto before and want to try it. After the dinner and the a lot of blah-blah-blahs in coda, everybody went home. I slept in kak ahlul’s house, because too sleepy to go home. Finally, we(me and kak rijal) can go karaoke, because we have planned it many-many times before and unexpectedly can be realized today!

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