Put on your white shoes and go upstairs!

Ok, I will not forget what happened today. Finally, I met them! The bands I always love to listen to their songs. White shoes and the couples company and the upstairs. They made me sang, danced and screamed crazily. I went there along with Kak Diku, Kak Randi, Kak Ahlul, Aldi and Baso. The show made me feel ow-ow-ow.

Before the show, we were in unhas, where we also attended the closing ceremony of perisai English contest. And we even thought that we wouldn’t see the show because it was already 7 pm, and there was rumor that the gate of the show will be closed at 7pm! Kak Randy called the panitia, and begged them not to close the gate before we came. It was really difficult time, because we thought we will not see the show. The show we had waited for days! Kak diku even had to go to her house because she left her ticket in her house and also need to change her uniform to usual clothes. It will take long time until she arrives in the show. But, kak diqu said “ I will be there!” and dengan sangat berat me and kak ahlul left her with kak randy. Kak Randy accompanied her to go to her house. Me and kak ahlul rushed to the show riding my revo motorcycle.

So about 7.45 pm we arrived in smada, and we entered the center field where the show had begun since 10 am in that morning. Hmm, that was so crowded. About 8 pm, the white shoes and the couples company begin to rock the night with their opening song “tentang cinta”. Owowowow. Their hospitality and oldschool music are accepted by the teenagers who came to the show. Awesome! Everybody enjoy the music. The music still played and played, and they make me so excited and happy. I only ever listen their song in digital form and usually alone without anyone really got interested, and at the time I listened to them with many people and they all enjoyed it. Hmm, so appreciative! I know, Nona Sari and all the tuan-tuan from WSTCC were also happy with the atmosphere!

“apa guna bung, malu-malu kucing!?” wstcc

“meong-meong!” replied the crowds.

Meong-meong, and windu-windu-defrina were the only things the audiences really know! I found these: kak ahlul looked enjoy the show of WTSCC while sitting down, Baso also enjoyed, but aldi didn’t look really enjoy the music, “aldi, apaji!” I said to him asking him to cheer up and wake from his silent, and he replied “bah!”. At the end of the show, Sari the vocalist said that they are really happy in Makassar. After the show, there came blah-blah-blahs from the MC. And at the time kak randy and kak diku comes. And here we are, the four! Aldi and baso disappeared in the riots while me, kak ahlul, kak diku and kak randy went to the front of the stage, touching the fence of the stage. Then Jimi Multazam and all the personnel of the upstairs entered the stage!
I was really excited when they sang their songs, such as Matraman, Dansa Akhir Pekan, Disko Darurat, Satelit, Alexander Graham Bell, Amatir, or Terekam tak pernah mati. I think the riots also really enjoy the music. Many people danced crazily when they were singing! And so did I. I did dance, and so did kak ahlul, kak randy and kak diku. Owowowow!

I really like when they sang the dansa akhir pecan song. The song is really alike with my life. Jimi sang:
“enam hari berseragam. Rambutku telah mereka hancurkan. Menyita ragam cerita. Jelas sekali ku telah diredam.”
I screamed ‘diredam’ louldly expressing what truly I feel.

“tapi kini akhir pekan, waktunya tuk melepaskan beban. Ku berdansa resah, di orbitkan rasa. Tak terbersit hati untuk segera berhenti”. I was so happy, and really in fucking-high. I appreciated every single rhythm and tone and lyric of theirs songs. I like the way jimmy danced. I know I was so lucky at that night. When they sang satelit,I realized that I lost my mobile! Someone has just stolen it. About some minutes I know I was confused, but then terbangun and back to the dance floor. Saya mengikhlaskan hape yang hilang itu. I had two decisions at the time, 1st worrying about the mobile or 2nd enjoy the show. I chose the 2nd. “di kaulah satelit ku, satelit ku… terlampau jauh ku tempuh, tuk memandangmu…” (satelit). I don’t have idea where kak rijal at the time...But I guess he was having fun with kak yana somewhere. :D I always talk about this show before to him and hoping he will come, but he had another mission at that night. So did, anggi, she is somewhere, maybe in her room over doses of tryout and regional things. I was thinking about these and was still dancing and making sweat. I really sweat. I burnt much calorie!

After the show ended. i and kak diku wanted to take picture with the upstairs crew. We went to the backstage and wait about couples minutes, “the upstairs lagi istirahat, 5 menit lagi ya”, told the upstairs’s manager. Then after 5 minutes, me and kak diku entered the room, and Jimi with his hospitality welcomed us. So we took some pictures and I talked to jimi, but we just changed some sentences. Oh, so stupid. I wanna talk to him about many-many things about the upstairs but we just have short time. But I went home happily. :D

My stupid conversation with Jimi

“kak jimi, mau foto.”
“oh, iya.ayo’…”
“tadi nda nyanyi digital video festival”
“oh, iya tadi lupa.”
“tahun depan datang lagi ya”