Van Houten and Toblerone

It’s going home time in my School, SMA Negeri 5 Makassar. And I was so bored and lonesome. I walked awkwardly to the parking lot, where my motorcycle waited for me. I always hate Saturday. Boring subjects, boring classmates, and boring atmosphere! What a hell! And the most I hate is my scout uniform. I hate its chocolate color, and I look so bad with my a-bit-too-short scout pants. I walked awkwardly, trying to be unseen by the other students. Please everybody, don’t look at me. I was so miserable. Damn.

Suddenly someone called me.

“Kak Sam,” said someone familiarly.

I gazed to the second floor and saw Wanda. I smiled.

“Aku bawa coklat” she said

“Masa’?” I replied in excited voice. Wanda has brought chocolate for many days and we usually eat the chocolate after the school.

“Tunggu di bawah,” she said. I said ok.

Then in minutes, my boredom and my sleepiness were gone. We sat and ate the chocolate happily. First was Van Houten chocolate. It’s really sweet, soft and smooth. There’s only one small van Houten and we shared it.

We ate it and still talking about her ISDC, and Fiery’s stuff. The second chocolate tasted better.

“Toblerone!!!” shouted Wanda, took the medium sized Toblerone from her scout uniform pocket. The toblereone was the second chocolate.

“Great!” I said.

The toblerone tasted sweeter than van houten, and it is harder. We began to talk about other chocholate brands like Cadbury etc.

“Which one do you like, cadburry, van Houten or Toblerone?’ she asked with her bubbly face.

“Next Monday I will also bring chocolate!” I promised. ”you always bring the chocolate while I don’t. That’s not good”. She said, “Ok”.

And then we began to talk, talk and talk. Until I forget my boredom. Chocolate is as nice as a good friend.