Act like Model

ahmad, kau tahu hargaku mahal sekali..

look at my blank expression...

So, together with Aldy, Ahmad, Kiki, Nurul and Diza, we played in the Karebosi field. This center point of Makassar, become the place where we spent some hours taking pictures and did chats (we all agree that it’s very limited time: P). we gathered since early morning, because she will leave in the afternoon, hoping we can maximize our playing time. We used to be in the same school, spendel, and now we gathered because Diza, just came from Osaka. It’s been almost 5 years we don’t meet her. And, it’s very interesting when you meet someone that you don’t see for years! What I see change in her is just the way she talks (a mixture of Makassar, b.indo and japan, hahaha) and her nice short hair cut. I guess I became taller, and my skin is darker since I left my junior high school (who cares? Hehe). We were really busy taking pictures, using cameras and hand phones. From one side of karebosi, we moved, and moved, went to the center, went to another further place (still taking pictures) until we arrived in the underground-mall of Karebosi. About 11 am, this reunion was ended; she had to go to prepare her things because she will go to Jakarta in the afternoon. Bye-bye!

I got 3 CDs of Japanese songs from her, and feel the CDs are enough for me, so I give my another gift from Diza to Galih, who didn’t meet Diza at the day. Ayu also couldn’t come, because her grandfather was sick. I’m really sorry for the absent of these girls. I believe, Diza really wanted to meet them. We have canceled not to go to somewhere last night (like go for movie in MP), just because Galih couldn’t go . Oh, I wish I had watched movie with her and other kids! But, it’s just…Galih and Ayu couldn’t come, and we think they will come today.

Come on, little munkey! No regret! Today had been fun!