My mom is out for checking herself to a clinic with Aldy, my brother. She is having pain in his stomach. My father is in his office now, working even today is Sunday. My younger brother, is also out. I dunno where he is. So, I am alone in the house. 12 hours ago I was in DG.Sija. I came home at 6 am this morning, then fell sleep, then woke at 10 am to eat and sleep again until 5 pm. When I wake, I feel like something lost. I am having a bit headache and starving. And I am clueless (long time sleeping effect).

My brother and my mom finally arrived home. My mom brings a plastic bag. It must be some pills she has to eat. My brother also carried a plastic bag, and in it, there are two movies he rent from ultra disc.

I played the first movie. It’s SIGNS. A movie about extra terrestrials and a family whose father is a faith-less person and having trauma with his wife dead. Not really scary but it entertained me. The second movie is a movie that I have watched before. When I watched it, I recognized that it something I have watched, it just I dun no the title is War of Buttons. This movie is about two irish children group from different villages. They like to make a war in the meadow near their villages using slingshots, bark or stick. When I was a little kid, I used to watch some movies of classic children movie. I really like this kind of movie, just like I really like other reading with the same atmosphere like Famous Five, Sapta Siaga, or Goosebumps, or Road Dahls. Makes me have my own world and really fun. The other children classic movie I like is Huck Finn, The Secret Garden and My dog skip. Many other, I forget the title L (just like war of buttons) even I remember the scene. I wish I had the copy of the movies, I will be very happy to watch them again.