HIMAHI English Olympic

TB, Zhafira, Ryna, Leony and Dzil were in the SMAN 5 A team. While me, Kak Rijal, Kak Ahlul, Toon and Pipit were in the secondary team, SMAN 5 B. Together, we joined Himahi English Competition which held during 5 March until 8 March 2009. Kak Rijal said he wanted to have fun in this English competition and so did I. I have joined many English competitions since I was in the first grade in senior high school, and I know English competition is always fun. I also want to help the first graders to learn about English competition. But, in this case, I admit that I didn’t help them very much, because I only focused to my own team, instead of helping the 1st graders to make their best performances. Sorry kids! In HIMAHI English competition there are 4 categories of competition, first debating, speech, storytelling and games competition. So the speech-persons were TB and Pipit. While, the representatives for debating competition were Zhafira, Ryna and Leony in SMAN 5 A team, and me, Kak Ahlul, and Kak Rijal in the SMAN 5 B. The storytelling competition was done by all team members.

I found that I like all the kids in the both team. I like this new community. Together we fought in this English Olympic. I agreed with the chief of the HIMAHI, that joining this EO is not about win, but to get the knowledge. What are the trophy and the money for? All the things that will be remained in our brain are just the knowledge, determination, and being courage.

1st Night
This is the day when everyone gathered in TB’s house (except Zhafira, Leony and Toon). TB’s house was really comfortable and enjoyable. We gathered to discuss the motion of debate for tomorrow and to make the speech text. Kak Rijal, me and Kak Ahlul and Dzil helped TB and Pipit to finish their speech text. Ryna was busy by doing the case building. She wrote arguments for each motion. I forgot when we slept at the night. But, I think it was around 3 AM.

When it was morning and the day was drizzle. Me, Kak Rijal, Ryna and TB decided not to go to school. Ha-ha... It was funny, because me, Kak Rijal and Ryna have worn our uniform but then decided to stay in TB house. SO, instead of sit it the classroom, I watched family guy with Kak Rijal in YouTube, TB practiced for her speech (one time I heard her in toilet, practicing her speech) and Ryna went slept. Family Guy is so funny.
In this day, my debating team won in the first preliminary round, but the first graders team failed. TB and Pipit also finished their speech today. We all went home after the EO finished.
2nd Night

It was the night when we all practiced for the story telling. Maybe our voices were too loud, so TB’s scary next-door came and asked us to be quiet!
“OH…..!!!! Look at those apples!! ARGH!!!!” I screamed when I, Kak Rijal, Pipit and Toon practiced for the story telling. “I hate apples!” I continued. I said it so loud, ignoring that it was already in the middle of the night when people around TB’s house were sleeping. When I began to make the scream, everybody also began to scream, to laugh and to say anything loudly. That’s why that scary bapak-bapak came and asked us to be quiet. “SSSShhhh!’. So, we began our practice again but in more quiet dialogue. But, still a-bit noise, because we would laugh because our stupid manner.

We played The Origin of Patuddu Dance. In this storytelling, Pipit act as the beautiful princess, Kak Ahlul as the Narrator, and Toon as the Prince. And guess what! Me and Kak Rijal got the worst characters: we have to act as Pipit’s friends, two beautiful-naughty-ugly girls. We have to act stupidly, wearing all those complicated dress, and the worst is we have to act like girls! But, Kak Rijal got the worst, he had to wear that funny fake-hair and Kak Yana watched him during our show. Kak Ahlul really attracted the audience with his narration. Sewaktu memerankan peran ini, rasanya seperti saya tidak punya malu lagi. Oh gosh! I tried my best to be a girl. Bagian paling konyol adalah ketika saya harus memerankan kencini yang sedang memperkenalkan diri kepada juri dan audiens, dimana saya berusaha mengeluarkan seluruh aura kecantikan dari dalam (memangnya ada!?) diri saya dan berusaha untuk membuat diri saya terlihat seksi. Oh…damn! How could I do this?
Ketika stortel kami sudah selesai. Saya tidak sabar untuk melihat persembahan dari kelompok SMAN 5 A. Saya tidak sempat memperhatikan mereka latihan tadi malam, jadi saya cukup penasaran. Here they come… they acted very well.

Ketika even ini akhirnya berakhir sekitar pukul 6. Saya merasa sangat kelelahan. Rasanya seperti semua energi dalam tubuh saya sudah habis. Kekurangan tidur, tugas sekolah yang terbengkalai, PR karya ilmiah dan berbagai pikiran menyerengset masuk ke dalam otak makin membuat saya semakin merasa lelah. “Hold on,” I said to myself.

3rd night
Semua peserta EO dari SMAN 5 yang kelelahan beristirahat dirumah masing-masing.
Hari ini cuma ada lomba debat saja. Bersama dengan Pipit (yang menggantikan Kak Ahlul yang sedang berhalangan hadir) dan Kak Rijal kami akhirnya menumpaskan semua prelim hingga akhirnya masuk semifinal. Kak Rijal menjadi best speaker dua kali berturut-turut. Selain karena kemampuan debatnya yang memang bertambah hebat, mungkin hal ini juga disebabkan karena kehadiran Kak Yana sebagai LO tim debat SMAN 5 B.
4th day
Hari ke empat ini adalah games. The games were scrabble, missing lyric, raising score, what’s the word, and spelling bee. That’s really fun. Kak Rijal didn’t attend almost all the games except the missing lyric because he had to go to BSM’s test. We found that our debating tim successfully entered the final round. Ok, this is what Kak Rijal always tells me. “Minimal juara dua,” he said. But then, when we knew, we were in the final, we began to said to ourselves “let’s finish this!” and ambitiously wanted to win this final. But, yeah, in the announcement of the winner, we only got the second place. But, juara dua is ok! We’re happy!
And in the closing ceremony we found that SMAN 5 was the runner up for this English Olympic. We all were so happy. We yell, screamed, laughed, jumped, and also yelled “jewry!jewry...!”
So this is the fruit of this English Olympic. The exchange for all our bedtimes that we never had for couple days, for the worry, for the exhausting stuff we had to take care, for the school-time we quit from, and for our brave to leave our shy and try to show our best performances. And for me the exchange for my stomach problem.

I am happy because we can win this EO. I am happy because I have got some new friends and I have spent my days with nice people, like TB, Leony, Pipit, Dzil, Zhafira, Toon, and Ryna. You guys are smart and have the long-bright future in front of you! Someday, I want to see you hold your own trophy and get some achievements! If it is happened, I will be so glad. I know you guys can do it. You already made me proud. Also because I can debate with Kak Ahlul, who used to teach me debate when I was still in my first year in high school, and unexpectedly I can be in the same team with him. The best speaker. But, Kak Rijal is irreplaceable We have been teammates for second times, and always get the 2nd place, but the important is that: we got the enjoyment. Didn’t we brother?

the beautiful sun looked from perintis kemerdekaan street. it was so beautiful. Toon took this picture while i rode the motorcycle.