The Part of The Circle

“Sam, take this!”
“No, that’s yours! I don’t want yours”
“Give me your left hand!”

She took my hand, put the black bracelet in my left hand and said, “Now you can call me wherever you are!”

The girl who put that bracelet in my hand is Kak Uja. I just went walk with her last night. We watched Kambing Jantan together. It was when I, Kak Rijal and Kak Yana and she wanted to watch movie together in MTOS. But then, because Kak Rijal had to bring back Kak Yana at 9 o’clock that night, and Kak Uja had that particular plan, so we left Kak Rijal and Kak Yana, and went to the theater together.

It is so funny, when we walked together. If I and Kak Uja walked too fast, Kak Rijal and Kak Yana who left behind us would complain and asked us not to hurry. Ha-ha. I and Kak Uja only giggled happily for this. So, because Kak Yana and Kak Rijal had to back home earlier, we can’t watch the movie together. But, that doesn’t matter. Me and Kak Uja, still bought the ticket, then because actually we have planned to do something together that night, we decided to spend our time in the same table, for food and drink. When me and Kak Uja have to leave them, because the movie was going to start, I believed what we did was ‘the best thing’ we could do. And, when we were still inside the theater that night something happened in faraway. (9 March 2009)

11 March 2009
Me and Kak Rijal will spend that night by studying chemical for the mid in his house. Before the study, we went to Kak Yana house, because Kak Rijal wanted to borrow her chemical book. But, then it took very long time to get out from Kak Yana house. It was because we were trapped in very long conversation until 11 PM. Kak Uja also in the kongkow that night, we talked about many things. Kak rijal looked so spoiled to Kak Yana. And because a particular reason, Kak Rijal really hates BDGi word, even more when me and Kak Yana were talking about Padjajaran University and mentioned the word of BDG frequently. Honestly, really like these kinds of people, Kak rijal, Kak Yana and Kak Uja. They’re a group of people that can make you always happy beside them and you will get interested to hear them. I am quiet person, and I don’t need acceptance. But, with these people I know they welcome me and they offer hospitality.

When it had been 11 o’clock and we need to study that night, we went home. But then, when we were going home, Kak Uja called me, and asked me to take her bracelet.