Sunday Fresh Morning

When you wake, morning showers you with light and it makes you feel alright…

(Counting Crows, Hard Candy)

The songs of my favorite band accompanied me when I eat my breakfast today. I ate my egg fried sunny-side up. I had my breakfast at 9 am. Last night, I slept soundly. And this morning, I feel so fresh. Maybe because the swimming I had yesterday. My parents are out, and so is my elder brother. So there’s just my little brother, he is sleeping. Somehow, in this the atmosphere is so peaceful. The sun shines shadily, and the air was so fresh. My little house was so quite. So peaceful. I feel so fit.

Somehow, I suddenly remember about tomorrow. Tomorrow will be the beginning of the war. Haha. I will have many examinations in my school. Tomorrow, there will be Practical Examination, and it will be held more than a week. Then, there will be UAS (school final test). Passing the UAS is the requirement to go to UN (national examination). Ok, this morning inspires me to get ready for the all that exams and tests. I know I can do it.