Kak Ahlul's Birthday Party

happy 19th bday. wish u all the best.

Today is the birthday of Kak Ahlul.I am glad that I can celebrate his birthday with the others. About 7.30 PM I picked up Kak Azhar in his house, Faisal Street. Then, using my Revo wheels, we rode to the house of kak ahlul, where the party just started from 7 pm.

When I arrived, the first thing we did was taking picture. Kak Ahlul said that it was the part of the party, something like red carpet. Everybody should be photographed before they can have a seat. I sat in the sofa, and saw that there’ve been the gunyu-gunyures: kak artha, kak hiro, and kak ichsan, there’re also kak amel and kak diku. There’re some foods and drinks served on the table. We ate and drank and do the kongkow, chats. Then other guests come one by one, kak rijal, kak meong, kak …I forgot her name, kak anjar and the last kak randy.

When everybody have eaten the dinner, the birthday cake was put on the table. Everybody gathered near the table, and began to sing selamat ulang tahun. The crowds were singing for about 30 seconds, until the lyric of the song was not heard as selamat ulang tahun anymore but “Wuwawuawau… Wuwawuawau” . Hahaha. Kak Ahlul cut the cake, and gave the fist cut to his father and kak diku.

When the crowds were still in the room, it’s the dancing time. Kak Randy danced in very attractive move, and sometimes he dances in horny, like striptease. Kak Ahlul and Kak Rijal also danced, very attractive and crazy. They would do the striptease or cool Hip-hop dancing. Actually everybody, except Kak Azhar, danced that night. Hell yeah…!!! The music was loud and we danced. Musik berkumandang di seantero ruang. Bersimbah keringat.
The guests went home around ten o’clock. Kak azhar said, that it will be difficult for us to gather and have fun like this, next year. Everybody will actually go to university next year and will be separated. Huff, that’s true. But, I hope that’s not going to happen. But, the party was very fun.