My Uncle Visit and Having Smart Spending Night

My Uncle Visit

Just a few days before, when I read the newspaper, I saw the advertising of Yesman movie. It is starred by Jim Carrey. The crazy actor! I am excited and I plan that someday I will watch the movie. I will watch this movie, maybe, next week. But, luckily, tonight, because my uncle visited us and my dad want to make him happy and because there’s nothing to do in my house, he invited the whole family to go to TO. But, my younger brother Abrar, didn’t join because he was out from house.

About 30 minutes later, we have sat in the seats of 21 in MP. And guess what we watched, Yesman! Yummi. And the movie was entertaining, funny and inspiring. Like jogging photography that Allison in the movie likes to do. It’s inspiring. I like the cameras! But, the acting of Jim Carrey as Carl in this movie was also very crazy.

After watching the movie, my dad took us to the beach, where then we spent some times. I hope my uncles like this. When we all went home, I didn’t go straight to the house, but my dad brought me to Primagama. there was ‘smart spending night’ that night in Primagama. Such a long night!

Smart spending night

When the clock almost chimed at 00 am, I arrived in my studying courses (bimbingan belajar), Primagama on jalan perintis. It was smart spending night. All the students of primagama with some teachers gathered to study together. We were going to study al the subjects that included in national examination. The smart spending night has been started since 9 pm. And I late, because went for movie.

Ok, I was sleepy. But, I was trying to hold on until 2.30 am.

Ridho said, “Let’s go sleep. I am so sleepy”


“In the classroom, downstair”

“Interesting. but hold on,lets study!”

About, hmm, maybe around 30 minutes later, because we didn’t enough concentrate and too sleepy to study and felt that this spending night became a useless thing to do, ridho decided to go sleep in the classroom, and I followed him.

We checked some rooms in Primagama building, and finally found a room with AC (we turned the AC on). Ridho took two sarongs from musallah, he set the sarongs on the floor and then we slept on them. It was not a smart spending night anymore, since I fell in dreaming in my sleep that morning.