Books and Coffee

Studying for SNMPTN

Due to my goal to be succes in SNMPTN, I am studying quite hard. I usually study all the night, and I end my study around 3 am. once i even stayed up untill 6 am. and in the morning, i will sleep until 8-30 or 10 am. In the day time I will continue to study again untill 5 pm. Why can I so focus and engage in this studying is because i love things i learn. IPS is so much more interesting and unsderstandable than IPA subjects. I now focus to Geographics, History and Economics. I leave for a while Math, Bahasa, and English, which also will be appeared in SNMPTN. I think i will learn a lot about them in JILC. I just want to deepen my IPS before I begin to study in my extra-class in JILC.

Manytimes, I read the books or doing the exercises. Most of IPS books i learn I borrowed. I like to do the exercise in a 360-pages SNMPTN books. When i do the exercise, i will have all the needed books around me. Including Geographic books (3 editions), Economics (3 editions), some history books (i collect all my old history books), Indonesian dictionary, english-indonesia dictionary, indonesia-english dictionary, pens (in various colour, because they said colour will make our brain remembers written things very well), pencil, and even my big encyclopediae (huge and heavy). The last one i mentioned is very helpful because sometimes i find something i dunno, like figures, organizations, unknown tehnical term, places, or even maps. So you can imagine, how mess is my nearby when i study. i am so busy! It is even more mess, when i found difficult word in the encyclopediae, i will have to open my english dictionary so i can understand the prhases. This makes me learn lot things.

To stay up all night, some cups coffee is essentials. In short, i really enjoy my study.I think it will be very useful in next July and better than only doing hibernation along the holiday. :)

Written while all my new buddies (the books) are waiting for me.