I accompanied Baso to buy things in the mall. We took more than two kilometer walk around the mall seeking the things. We stopped at A&W, bought and drank strawberry milkshake and went to gramedia, just to see the books (haha) and went home. In the 3 pm, I went to kak ahlul’s house and then went to AFS chapter with him. With the others, there I worked, doing the voluntary job, writing, checking and attaching things. Next Sunday, 10 may, there will be the selection of AFS, and that’s why we are busy. Around 8 pm, I actually was not in good mood to go karaoke. I said to them, that I dun want to go at the time, but then I OKed because they seemed to cancel the karaoke, oh nonono please. Ok I wanna go!  But, I was lucky, because, again, we did some fun! Just like other karaoke times, everyone act so crazy. Singing, dancing, and jumping. Fun.

(there're also sexual abuses here..)