About A Boy with One Leg I Met In Wahidin Hospital

I couldn’t use my left hand. It is wrapped with bandage and hard plaster cast. My left hand is so fragile. I even have to wear a piece of cloth to hang my hand. Like the one which Harry Potter wears in chambers of secret when he got accident in Quidditch match. It’s difficult to do some things, everything I have to do by using only one hand.

In order to heal my wound, everyday I have to go to Wahidin hospital or go to a clinic near my house. The doctor or the nurse will replace my bandage, wash my wound with a special cold liquid, and give it medicine on it. They also recommend some drugs to drink.

In the fourth day of me to visit Wahidin hospital, orthopedic and traumatology clinic, there were more people than usual wait to get healing treatment or to consult with the doctors. They all sat in the front of clinic room, waiting their name to be called. There was a woman who sat on the wheelchair (all of her right leg was fully cast with hard plaster). Oh my god, I couldn’t imagine if I had been the person on the chair. She had more terrible than mine, must be a huge bone fractures. Then there’s a baby, his leg was wrapped just like mine. Poor baby. Than a little fat boy who walked strangely, he looked fine, it just his way of walking make me guess that he had a bone disorders. The other waiters. I even saw a boy, who is likely the same age with me; he sat on the chair in relaxed atmosphere, hanging his two legs down the bench. One of his leg has been cut. Ow, that’s terrible. I don’t want to stare at his.
When I entered the clinic room, just like some days before, I sat on a high bed (the high bed you can always find in the hospital). I wait the doctor and the nurse to take action. I was a bit anxious; it is always painful when they give me the treatment. Usually there will be just one patient in the room. But, at the day the doctor called two more patients. First one was the amputated leg boy. When I knew he would enter the room, I moved to a chair in the corner of the room, I think he is more deserve to get the bed. His is more serious than mine. The boy entered the room and smiled blandly while an old man took a chair and sat down. The old man had a serious fracture in his right leg. It was so scary because he had a set of metal stabbed to his leg. O-O noh! Can you imagine how painful it is! The boy laid his body on the bed easily while the old man sat in another chair in the room.

Looking at the two other patients, I felt that I was so lucky. My injury was less serious than theirs.

The interesting thing from the boy was because he looked happy and very fine, even tough that he had missed his one leg. He also was so nice and friendly to everyone. He still could smile and didn’t show that he was desperate or hopeless. That’s very good. While a nurse took care of my wound, my mom and the boy were talking. The boy said to my mom that his leg must be amputated because a vehicle’s wheels ran over his leg in an accident. That’s a sad story. You can imagine that life will be more difficult and less normal when you just have one leg. But, if you meet the boy, he behaves as if it’s just a small thing.

Well, we can learn a lot from him.