Live Long

a story of my tragic accident
29 june 2009

I thought today would be an ordinary day. But, it wasn’t. Today was the day when I almost died! I was riding my motorcycle going back home. I was on the right side of a truck, trying to pass it, but I couldn’t. At the time I was too close with the truck. I thought it would be dangerous for me, so I put on my brake. But sadly, the road was sandy, so I when I put on my brake, my motor became out of control. I lost my balance. I fell down and then I found myself was lying flat on the road.

The truck wheel ran over my hand. I screamed. I ha no idea about this, whether the truck driver saw me falling down or he heard me screaming. But, he stopped his truck fast. Even tough the truck stopped, my left hand was already being hammed by the wheels. I screamed again. I was so shock and scared. This happened so fast. Then many people in the road vicinity came to me, at the same time other people yelled asking me to move my hip, my lower body. “Move it!”, they said it panickly. The people asked the truck to back up, and people help me to move my lower body, avoiding the wheels ham it. The truck back up.

I raise my left hand. People picked me, and bring me to the side of the road. I was so scared. Blood gushed from my wound and made me wet. I looked at my left hand and there was much blood, and I even could see a piece of bone that pushed out from my thumb finger. I grimaced in pain while some people still picked me up. Then the truck driver and his one friend brought me to the Wahidin S hospital (the nearest hospital we can go to at the time). It was so sore. I was suffering pain.

When I was in the hospital, I looked at my left hand again, and I realized that fortunately I didn’t experience huge bone fracture. I had a small fracture in my hand and the flesh around my thumb is torn. So the doctors took surgical operation right away. Some hours later after the surgical operation, I was lying on my bed, with my family around me and many of my neighbors even came to see me.

I am so grateful that I am still alive. I could be dead at the time, or get worse things. And that I still have my left hand, they don’t need to cut it. This accident made me realize how priceful my life is. Made me more live. I am glad that everyone cares of me. My family and my friends wished me get well soon. Thank you so much. I am still alive.

Live long.