I'm Really Living

Having failed to enter the university, I had much times to do anything I like. I knew some new groovy instances to do. Here’re some:

I like to running in very morning time. When it’s still dark and the air is quite chilling. I like the idea of doing this because it makes me fresher and healthier. And as far I feel, I think it helps a bit in settling down my insomnia. I will alternate walk and run along the wayside. I will back home when I feel I am far enough and the sun rises. My longest record is when I walk and run until Unhas. I like the feeling when I run across people’s houses when they all still sleep (I think they all just have the breakfast for fasting that makes them sleepy). I like the feeling when my heart and blood races fast inside my body. I like the feeling when my canvas Chuck Taylor shoes touches the earth and my hair waves as the wind blowing. Well, it is invigorating me, so I plan to do it routinely.

My brother, Aldy has been in Bandung for college. And he left his skate board. I got the crazy idea of playing his board when I just finished running in one morning. I found it so dusty aside a wardrobe in my house terrace. Then I took it, stood up on the board, start moving, and feel the interest. Now, I am learning how to do the basic trick of skateboarding. But, well, I have to be careful the wheel of the board can make me have bad accident (my left hand is still fragile).

I and some of my friends have made an organization that we name Youth for Children. It is actually the tentative name, because we can’t decide which name is suit for the organization. We aim to help the children that have disability in continuing or getting formal education due to the poverty or children laborary. We made the group in Facebook and invited friends join. So far, we haven’t really gone to the streets where most of the children we want to help live or work. I really want to make this organization actively help children. But, most members are just too busy to commit the projects. I hope we can find the solution for this matter and we start the mission.

That’s some groovy things I’d like to do. Other things I usually do is advancing my English-language by doing excercises. I plan to get my toefl or ielts score right away. I also start to learn Russian language, and trying to deepen my deustch lernen. I also plan to embark to learn Mathematics, but I haven’t started it yet. But, I will. It is very delight for me to these things. Not just fun, but it is very advantageous!