The Upstairs CD Album

Finally after released months ago, I got this album which is so rare in Makassar. When they had just released their album, I am kind of a bit pessimist, because I thought the album wouldn’t be distributed to here. But, there is always a godsend when you are eager for something! I accidentally got my hands on one in chambers. So I bought it.

I love this album; this is so fresh and makes me bouncy. Just like the upstairs’ other albums, this album Magnet!Magnet! tenders extraordinary music, lyric and theme. But the lyric is very unusual! But, I like it. If in the previous album, The Upstairs has made songs entitled Satelit and Televisi, in this album they made a song entitled Radio. I like each song, but Radio is my favorite one. ER-A-DI-O! Radio! I also favor,despite the well-known hits in this album, Percakapan, Sing Thru Me, Agar Kita Semua Senang and Kudengar Dia Panggil Namaku.

I think this album is more tumultuous than the previous ones. There is a sort of new atmosphere brought in this album that makes a very tempting din to dance or to follow the bit by your own expression, no matter what will be your appreciation act. You probably will want to play it loudly and dance and sing it, but you also probably will be amazed by the music and choose to stop playing it. After all, I recommend this album!

cover album by the upstairs