Have you ever wanted to drink particular medicine to make yourself feel better? Like you think you are so stress or desperate or confuse or angry , or you just need propellant to commit your exhausting life, so you think about taking a pill or drugs. Well, I do, sometime I think about taking some relaxing medicine. But, I haven’t ever taken that sort of drugs. I take one of my friend’s advices not to take those drugs. It is said dangerous.

But, now, if you have and still want it, you maybe need Ritalin.I know this kind of drugs from Charlie Bartlett movie. In the movie, Charlie was a student from private school whom expelled and moved to a public school whose students were really weird and troublous. He was expelled because he sold fake drive license to other student. Now Charlie stroke back, and he didn’t give out fake licenses but he sold drugs. The drugs which prescription he got from his personal doctor were pretty useful to help some troublous students relieve their stress.

The first drug he and his partner, Murphy- seorang preman sekolah, sold was Ritalin. They two sold the Ritalin to the most of students who came to school dance party. And it made the party becomes so much crazier, because the Ritalin made the students drunk and very bouncy and active. It gives the students a strong feeling of happiness and eagerness. Want to try it out?