I know, my mom is wrong.

It was when me and my parents when to beach. We wanted to hang out there. At that night, the roads are so crowded with many vehicles. And our car can only move slowly. My dad opened the talk about what major I am going to take in university. I mentioned some faculties I like to go to. My dad supported me and said some comments about them. But my mom seemed very pessimist. And offered to me a question (or may be suggestion): ‘Why don’t you choose the less high ones?’

I know she meant: you are not that smart to succeed enter one of those faculties, they are too high! Yeah, this year I had tried to enter Gadjah Mada University and I failed. My mom thinks that it was because I choose the too-high majors. But, I disagree with her.

I explained to my mom, that indeed I always want to get the best things. I know it is not easy but I always think we can do anything we want, if we believe we can do so. I don’t want to give up, before I have tried it out.

Then my dad proudly told us about how he could get the first rank in his years in college long time ago. How he could be the smartest student in his faculty.

My mom said, “You’re father is brilliant”.
I replied, “And so am I!”
My mom overrode it by saying, “No,you are not”.

I know, my mom is wrong.