Let Us Think positively

The notable lesson from hypnolearning class in JILC

Monday October 19 2009


Instead of having the biology and physic lesson today, we had a Hypnolearning class. Hypnolearning is one of the features of JILC, the place I take course lessons now, as my preparation to face the university test next year.

The lesson began, when Kak Nasrah, the biology teacher, played the sequence of slide shows showing the introductory explanation about hypnosis itself. I was so excited with it, and, as I observed, so were the other class students. We watched the slides on a big screen at the front of the whole class.

Hypnosis itself is the practice of controlling sub-conscious mind. And the term of hypnotist refers to the person who does the hypnosis, while hypnosis is the person who is hypnotized. Yeah, the slides said so. We can call, control or talk to our sub-conscious mind by calming down our self. We have to concentrate and relax. After controlling the sub-conscious mind, we can give any suggestion to our mind. And no matter how impossible the suggestion is, the sub-conscious mind will save and accept it. Then the suggestion will remain in our brain.

Such this power can make us able to change wherever we want to change from our mind. Like if you think that learning particular subject is boring. You can hypnotize yourself by reviving your sub-conscious mind and then give positive suggestion to your mind. “I like learning, Learning is so fun, and learning can help me reach my dream, and so on. Do you believe it works? Well, try it yourself.

We can also make any suggestion, such as good suggestion to empower our self. Like we say that we are smart, strong, interesting, powerful, keen, and so on. You can make your own. The difficult part is to revive our subconscious mind. But, the important part is to let your self believe.

Positive suggestion

Beside the lecture about hypnosis, we also watched some slides and videos showing about how the brain works, how the positive attitude affect our live, about how the learning is so difficult but just at the first, and the lasts are videos of robots. Haha, we watched the robots because we barely have watched all the videos and no more slides left. These lessons are Very interesting!

Wednesday(October 21 2009)

today, the lesson is even more interesting because the teacher, guide us to practice it! The teacher let us relax by saying relaxing words that made us sleep. And the result was very remarkable. When I woke up, I felt so energized, motivated and I surprisingly felt positive about my self and everything I am going to face.

This seems quite strange or maybe stupid, but that I felt. And I began to ppractise the self-hynotizing to myself before I sleep. Well, I don’t really hypnotize myself because I cant do so, but I give positive suggestions to my self, and I just believed it.
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