my current busy ness

Hello my blog. It has been quite long time for me for not writing my current activities. But, I think I will always write for my blog. Beside I like writing, I also like to see my own life progress through this blog. Things I really want to say is:

I Miss Meeting People, Especially My Friends

Yeah, I really miss meeting people. Most time, I only stay at home. And just meet Abrar, my brother, my mother and my father. In the morning they all will leave me asleep. And when I get up, I know I am alone. My brother will go to school and back home at 5 pm. My Father usually comes home at night. He loves his notebook as much as his Marlboro cigarettes. He works pretty hard working in the front of it. And my mom, she will back home at 1 pm from working.

Right now, I only have some regular activities. The first one is going to my studying class in JILC. I always go there at 5.30 pm, in Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I meet classmates and being in the class, beside the lesson it self I am so happy can meet people. But, I have not been getting along with my class. I begin to talk a little with Jaya, the one who I shared one table with. He is good in physics.

The woman in front office said that my class (VIP1) is a smart the one. But at the first sight, I think my classmates are so childish. They like to ask silly things to the teacher, or offering some jokes to the whole class while I am trying to understands some physics formula. But then I realized, yeah, that’s the laughs are pretty reasonable and the class is quite fun. And the classmates are quite smart.

The another exciting thing is being busy with my projects of helping street kids or poor kids to get education trough Youth for Children. I do it with some of the YFC members. We are now doing a fund rising. We want to collect money for our first event on the street. We call it Street Party. At this month’s end, we are going to do a campaign to the society. We want them to know that there are a lot of kids who is pathetically disable to get adequate education. And we hope they will be willing to take care of the kids. What makes this project interesting is because we are going to wear tacky clothes, as if we are the street kids! Yeah, this will show the world how serious we are for YFC.
Beside the class and YFC, I enjoy playing play station in Abrar’s room. It was since Kak Rijal came from Jakarta and visited my house and I begin to explore the excitement of playing this abandoned toy during play it with him. And when he is gone, I still like to play Bully. It’s a game where we play as a naughty student in a school named Bullyworth. I can beat other students, throw them dynamite right on their faces, turn of the fire alarm so all the people in the school running panickly, or just bullying other troublous student using slingshots. Hehehe. This game can make me giggling. Sometimes Baso also comes to my house, and we play bully. What an amusement!
For last, I hope I can study more about math, biology, chemicals and physics. I hope I can meet my friends, who most of them are now busy with the college. I hope I can find something fun else to do beside PS.