AFS Cultural Bazaar and Talent Show Competition

I am currently working to succeed an Event along with other AFSers. It is an AFS-Bina Antarbudaya’s event. The name of the event is AFS Cultural Bazaar and Talent Show Competition. It will be held on December 6th 2009. We will hold food bazaar, it will be foody that day! Yummi. But, the big thing is the Talent Show competition. We are going to invite High School Students from all over South Sulawesi to take part.

I hope we will finish and succeed in finding the funding for this event. Well, we actually made this event in order to collect fund for AFS-YBA. Because I have the big account, as the chief committee (I am so shy), I really have to get focus and think optimist. J I know we will make it! We ,the AFSers, are the best human resources ever! :-P