Goin' Around

I woke at around 7 am, got up, took a bath, and picked my mum to his workplace. Then I went to Unhas, gave Kak Ayumi some invitation letter, that she then give to her friends. I back home. Waiting until Baso came to my house. We went to Graha Pena along with Kak Ila. There we went to Fajar’s office, meeting a keker’s editor. Talking with her. Just after that, we went to Gama College in the same building, to submit a proposal. Talking with a woman whose smile is very nice! Then I back home.

Hey,hey,hey, is there any interesting occurrence today?? Yes, there is one.

When I was in the spacious room with very comfortable seats, in Fajar’s office, talking with the keker’s editor. I met him! I met Nur Alim Djalil. Well, not actually meeting him, but I only saw him. But, I was excited. The room I was in, was a room that its walls are glass, so when the Keker’s editor was talking, I saw him walking outside the room. He just went by. And I think he is very cool! He is one of that cool people I wanna meet.

Nur Alim Djalil is a deputy President of Fajar newspaper. Every week he writes a short story based from his experience in a column that called Percik. Sometimes he writes about his daughter’s whims, about his chit-chat with his friends, about things happen in Makassar’s traffic, about city blackout, and so on. Sunday, you know, it is resting day, where you usually get relax and somehow you just feel positive, I like to read his writing/story. The things that he writes are simple but really have a strong lesson.

Well, if you don’t know him. Go seek your old newspaper, or go wait the Sunday Fajar and seek his writing. Maybe he doesn’t mean to teach people, but somehow, I learn from him about things. Interesting.

I hope someday, I can really meet him. Hahaha. But I am gonna do? Maybe asking him, why sometimes he calls himself as Po’oh?