My Scanned Negs

we have barely brought a new printer with scanner to house. it is an hp printer. i begin to get excited to try its scanner. i know i can do many unlimited delight things with the scanner. i can scan my drawings,some old photographs, the cover of the book i recently have read, or yeah there many things :). I thought for a while, what i am gonna scan for first? Eventually, i remembered that i have some negatives that i haven't scanned yet. The negs taken using my lomo Diana.
Maybe this scanning feature will work. I will scan it, and invert it using photo software. so, i took my negs, and put it on the scanner. then began to scan!
the result were these:

and when i inverted them, the result was bright blue and white picture. so i adjust the brightness and contrast but the result was blueness. but i am kind of like them! not bad. i thin i will brig my negs to the proffesional photo lab to have the 'real' results.