About Astrid, a friend i never meet

I used to read Bobo when I was in elementary school, it’s since I can read and love all reading things such novel and komik. And still read it when I was in junior high school. My email ever appeared in Bobo, I was asking about ISBN in Ensiklobobo, one of its rubrics. And at the time, my email address was shown in the magazine so many children emailed me. They all wanna be my friend or mail-pal. One of them was Astrid Yuliandini. It was when I was class 2 in JHS.

I told her that I was born in 1993. Ha-ha...it was because I think she wouldn’t reply my email if she knows that I was class of 2 SMP while she was in class 5 SD. So, by days we sent email to each other, writing about our own story-life. Unfortunately, because I told a lie about my age, I can’t tell her things I really want to share with her. L I have to hide something, and make up something, OMG. It became a disaster. But, things change because finally I told the truth to her, this year, err, in may 2009. After many years. I told her when she already knew about my sin. And she said it’s all right. How nice friend! Thanks, Astrid. :)