I am not really studios

Brother, what are you doing?’
‘Hey, sista! I am studying……’
‘…..What do you study?’
‘….You better learn math, physics or something else than English...’
‘Ok, alright, I now study math!’

The SMS dialogue above was done by me and Anggi. She was right. I needn’t have studied English again when I have good time for studying, when I have the good mood to learn something right in front of my study desk, and when I really understand there are many books around me that some days, or some weeks or some months ago I promised to myself I will open them and study them devotedly. I should learn math or something I am not good at very well such as Physics, Chem., or open my old notes of history, Geography, or economics.
Today I learnt math and English. I have a sort of feeling of happiness because I did learnt math today. I learnt a lot about Peluang. Usually I would get sleepy when I face the numerous numbers and signs written in my math book which for me they look like riddles. Someday, which I believe will happen soon, I will understand all the riddles. Yes, I will, if I learn regularly. Ok, I will, I will.. I will learn regularly. I will. Will I? Hahaha. Perhaps!