An ordinary Day

I didn’t but the journal book I plan yesterday to buy, and about the coloring pencils, I forgot it too. I almost stayed at home today. I woke about 9.30 A.M, about a few minutes faster or slower (I dun no which) with the time I yesterday got up from my bed and last days ago. I wish I woke earlier, because I wanted to work-out this morning. I need to work out because I realized my stamina is deteriorating. Besides, I want to taste fresh air and feel the sensation when blood rushes thru my body vessels. But, I didn’t do it. Damnit. In every morning, I always forget to get up and pray subuh. Damnit. Damnit.

I woke; found Abrar was sleeping in his room. My parents were obviously had left the house, again. I make a breakfast (noodles with last-night-dinner chicken). I make a lot of fried noodles so my ‘lovely’ brother can have the breakfast too. After breakfast, I do some laundry stuff, hang the clothes and the shoes I washed and napped. Yes, I napped, although I had had enough sleep. I napped, when I woke, my parents had come.

In afternoon, I put on Abrar’s red sweater and my father’s very comfortable sandal-shoes and went to Kak Wanda’s house to ask him about AFS proposal and to tell them that the event had been postponed for the second time (for a good, of course!). After talking about the AFS stuffs,

Finished my business with him, I rode my motorcycle to warnet. I actually can get the internet access in my house using the telkomselflash my brother sent me from Bandung, but I think the bill had been too much to pay. I opened my blog account, hotmail, yahoo mail, flickr and facebook. I got trouble to log in to my facebook account, they said I typed wrong password, so I changed my password. After changed my password and logged in, I found that nothing significant had happened to my walls and inbox. I disappointedly don’t get many walls. I posted some old postings that I should have posted a year ago to my blog. I opened my flickr to see a friend’s photos and Diana + photos. I miss using my Diana camera so much.

I wrote about Rangga from Pare-pare, a boy I met in the Wahidin hospital who have lost his one leg. I wrote it some last months ago due to a traffic accident. It was when I was still in recovery and have to back to orthopedic clinic for some weeks. It was a touching story of me (well, I think it is). But, I didn’t post it at the time, because it is dumped in my computer hard disk. But, now I did post it along with my others old stories.

In the night mother cooked delicious dinner. I loved it. Some friends, Hafidz and Ridho, they SMSed me to come to get together in G-SPAAT (the name of my first year class in high school) reunion in Panakkukang Mall. But for some reasons, I could not come. I ended my day by watching alternately Narnia and Peterpan on TV (I always love these movies) and I also watch the devil wears prada. What a movie.