A Family Trip

I got up abruptly by mother’s shouts. She shrieked, ‘Wake up! Wake up!’. Her shouts attacked me and Abrar. Her shouts came out from her lips while she was preparing the change clothes, the food, the drinks, towels and other needed stuff. At the same time my father’s preparing the car. It was still 6 A.M and my mother urged me to open my eyes and be prepared. Yes it was still an early morning to go to beach, but as the tradition my family, we would go to beach in early morning.

About twenty minutes later, the whole family had been in the car. I, Abrar and my mothers were already sitting nicely and my father driving the car. We will go to Akkarena. It took about a 30-minute because my house is in BTP. I rarely wake up in morning, so I enjoyed a lot the air and the almost-fading orange sky while in the way to the beach.

We arrived there. Beside movies, malls, resto, or my grandmother’s house in Pelita, this is a place in Makassar where my family likes to go. My mom loves going to a beach, and this is the nearest and the best one in Makassar. Don’t expect the white sand or the picturesque view of common beach! But just enjoy the gray sand and the brown sea of the mentioned beach.

I didn’t swim and just enjoyed the water of the beach licking my feet or settling down on the sand. I watched people swimming, people eating, people picnicking, little kids playing, little kids who scared to swim or too excited to swim, people playing football ,boat crossing the beach, my parents and Abrar swimming in far distance, and so on.

About 9 A.M the sun rises hot and I know my skin got enough D vitamins. Some minutes later I realized the sunlight intensity had been too much, I was getting bored and my parents and my brother were satisfied swimming. So we ate and my family bathed and changed the clothes and we finished the beach visiting.

After the beach visiting, we went to GTC mall which is so close to Akkarena beach. There I, Abrar and my fathers shopped quite lot of clothes, while my mom bought buns, oranges, and house holdings needs. We were there about some hours. It was quite long, because my feet aching because too much walking around. Believe me, there are more various clothes and stuffs in GTC than in what we can find in Panakukkang mall or Ratu Indah Mall.


About almost 4 P.M we arrived home. I cleaned my father’s cars from rubbishes and wastes from beach visiting. Abrar was looking for his missing pirated album contained four albums of Avenged Sevenfold that he bought in GTC. A man from next door asked my father to take Mr.Tatang, a neighbor, who was suffering and needed to be taken immediately to a hospital. But my dad couldn’t help him because the car was exhausted. So, another neighbor took him.

In the night, I contacted some AFSers about our event in 24th January 2010. In the middle of the night, I was still in front of my dad’s laptop. I made a lot of letter and printed them. I was sleepy because I had not even napped or taken a rest. And I thought, so was the printer! I was printing the letters and a few pages of AFS’s proposal when the printer did the job so slow. Sometimes it did the job fast, but sometimes it was stuck and slow. I waited the printer to conclude printing the letters and partial proposals. I thought that I might have a brief sleeping and check the job letter, so I went to my room, leaving the working-slowly printer and the active laptop.

(I didn’t buy a journal book)