the first day 0f 2010

Today, I was just in my house, spending the morning by cleaning my room. My room is absolutely very dirty. There are many things that I cleaned and threw to the rubbish-bag! A big sack of unused clothes from my childhood which smell very bad (makes me sneezing), old documents, dusts, unnecessary school books, biscuit can, and unused shoes boxes. I cleaned them all. I also changed my bedclothes, rearranged the books and documents I still need in proper places. Now, my room looks cleaner, cozier and I can sleep more soundly. Today is also foody. The refrigerator contains more food than usual, and my mother cooked a lot of tasty food. I would always feed my self every time I feel my stomach is a little bit loose. I believe I put on weight today. Hahaha.

Today, I should go out to buy a set of coloring pencils and a journal books. I need the coloring books, because I currently learn to draw illustration and I need a journal book as a book to write down my schedule, my activities and thoughts. But, I didn’t do it. The peaceful of the first day in 2010 and the fact that I am so full made me sleepy. The sleepiness trapped me not to go out. Tomorrow maybe I will.