The Last Day in 2009

The day was the last day in 2009. It was a happy day, with much fun and less worries. I said less worries, because at the day I didn’t want to worry anything, because I only know that people is preferably have fun at the day like the end of a year. During the day, I sleep a lot, got up, went to movie at afternoon and had karaoke with my family at night.

Having enough slept, I woke about 9 a.m and found that my parents had left the house and there as just my brother who still in. I sat on a chair in the living room and began to SMS my friends to ask them to go to movie. I and Baso eagerly wanted to watch Avatar since many days ago. We wanted to watch the movie with some other companions.

Gradually, I got some of the replies which depicted that most of them could not join. Echy and Ridho were busy of college events (they said so), Hafidz apologized because he couldn’t come (I didn’t ask him why), Ayu said next time she would join, Kak Rijal said he would considered watching the movie because he already watched avatar and because he would go to movie that day at that evening. While, Ulla, who had repeated the same reason each time I invited him, said had no money. Many others mysteriously ignored my sms. Almost 2 p.m., I called Ichi who had not replied my sms, asking her to join, but she didn’t pick the phone. Luckily, Fitt replied that she would join. She invited Fika who also wanted to join. So finally, I sat comfortably watching the movie along with Baso, Fitt, and Fika. The movie’s story was great and world of avatar is so great and beautiful. Finished watching the movie, I went home.\

I just arrived at home when my father called me and ask me and my Brother to book a room in one of karaoke places around Panakukang. After an hour, we arrived in orange karaoke on Pengayoman Street. While I and Abrar waited our parents, we dilly-dallied by playing the computers in waiting room. It took some times before they came. I get online and opened MySpace to say a ‘happy new year’ message to my favorite musicians. J Thanks for making the music I love.

Around 9 p.m my parents finally came. We were having fun in a karaoke room in our own way. It was a little bit confusing because each of us has different musical preference to others. I would love to sing any songs of Coldplay, keane, KoC, GE, or any of my favorite bands that almost my parents and brother don’t like. My brothers loved to sing ipang, tipe x, etc that I and my parents don’t really like. My father would like to sing foreign songs like. But when the songs were played, he seemed to have no idea to sing the song. Like when he sang kokoronotomo or sing for the children, it looked like that he didn’t know the song or missed the lyric. My mother loved to sing bugisnese songs. It was not as fun as when I go karaoke with my friends, because my family do not dance, while when I went to karaoke with my friends, it looked like we almost destroy the room because the power of our voice and wild movements. After karaoke and had a dinner we went home.

In the middle of the night, when the clocks turn to 0 a.m, I just hope the new year will bring good things, happiness and peace. J