Rain Coat Adventure Day II


It was raining, and even heavier than the previous days. The news reporter on TV said that it would be happened in next two days. It was truly bad news for me. I had to submit many proposals today and the next days. A loads proposal is required to be submitted. But, how can I go outside if the rain fell like this way? I could use my rain coat, but it can’t really prevent me from wetness. So I stayed in my house until 2.PM!!!

It was noon. Because it seemed that the rain would not stop, I went outside to go to Unhas, to meet Kak Ayumi, to get ten new printed proposals. I talked with her about some minutes, gave her letter of to the Major of Makassar along with a finished proposal. She and Kak Ua would give the proposal to Kak Rini who has the access to the municipality government. I stayed there in the canteen of Faculty of Economy of Unhas where Kak Ayumi and Kak Ua was holding a meeting with other economics students. Next, I went home. I walked to my room and slept in a deep feeling of sorry and weariness.

I should have submitted many proposals today to a lot of offices, if the rain didn’t happen. The most important is the place of the event. I need to fix where the AFS bazaar and talent show competition will be held. We would hold the finishing-touch rally on this Sunday (January the 10th). But, there is no progress. I wish to hold the event in Mulo Building. The building is perfect for the event. On the meeting we will fix anything (It is me who plan this meeting), such as the invitation letters throughout South Sulawesi, the sponsorship, the place of the event and the bazaar sales.

It was evening. I was so stress!! The pressure I felt is really high. I am really sorry. I think this event over and over again. Sometimes my parents talk to me but I ignored them, because I don’t really recognize what they say. I am too busy with the laptop, with the AFS things, with the documents in my room, and so on. My dad even asked me about my courses. He asked me how my course in JILC was. I just said to him that I am now busy. I couldn’t manage to the courses place. I really understand that on March I have to be ready for UGM entrance examination and April’s SIMAK UI. I need to learn math and the social sciences. But first, I have to succeed this AFS Bazaar and Talent show competition for high school students.

Tomorrow, I will bear down again for this event. I have to do this. If they believe I can do this, I should believe in myself. I should examine my weakness in managing this event and fix this. Hopefully, tomorrow will be all right. J

I sleep and dreaming about being Ian.

“It was fine with Ian. In bed, he pulled the covers up to his chin and closed his eyes. The coziness was almost fearful; warmth collected around him.

The King of Dragons was waiting in his room. Welcome back. His powerful scale-armored body was hunched beside the stone, now snow covered, where Ian knew he slept. Bits of feathery down and an irregular dry space in the snow crowned the rock’s smooth top. The dragon motioned to Ian and crouched for Him to mount behind the great blue-and-yellow wings.

On this flight, high in the cold air; Ian saw a few of the wild beasts below look up. The time was real now. From a hill, a girl with long almost-black hair waved and waved and waved and, against the distant horizon, the other dragon, the scales gleaming in a winter sun, appeared to be moving toward him.”

(Last paragraphs of The King of Dragons by Carol Fenner)