Rain Coat Adventure Day III

I always think that the way the brain works is so magical. My brain can make wake me up in critical time like this day when I had many things to conclude, although deep inside of my desire, I wish I had had more time to sleep. I want to sleep all the day, but I can’t. The exhaustion of last day adventure of proposal submission still remained. I got up with little consciousness and took bath. My parents had been busy with house holding stuffs. I knew that I had to leave a family life today and live outside the house, between the streets and the offices I would like to visit.

I had a breakfast. A very fast and delicious one. I made a big cup of milk. Next, I walked to the living room where right on the tables there laid a pack of biscuits. I took a piece of biscuit, tore it apart and put it inside my milk. Then I took some more, tore them apart and put into my milk. I repeated until I got full. It was very nice. Yummy…! What a breakfast!

I put on my rain coat, put on sandal instead of shoes (I put my shoes in my motorcycle cabin), and went away from house. Meeting the other passerby in such a familiar circumstances on the street and went to Mappaodang Street in Kak Ice’s house where I would meet Kak Uno to have another group of letters signed. But I know I had been late. It had been more than 11 A.M and Kak Uno said that he would be there around ten and he said that he was busy Again and again, I was late. And I know he must have left the house and I had to call Baso to meet him. He said that he would accompany me submitting these proposals inside my rucksack.

I called him and we set an appointment to meet in a certain street. It was drizzling. I met him on Ratulangi Street close to MaRi. We then decided to go to BPD Sulsel which is located on Ratulangi Street not very far from our point. At first we ignored the increasing quantity of rain drops while we rode our motorcycle. But we can’t bear no more when we realized the rains would make us drenched and it won’t be a good thing to come to an office with such the condition.

We waited the rain to stop in front of an office, PT Antam, a nickel company. They have a big roof in front of their entrance door so we waited there. The rain fell on the ground in such a scary way. The heavy wind whirling with the very heavy rain, the thunder sounded like anger, and the lights flashed. We waited about an hour there. I wished I had driven a car. My businesses will be finished right away when I don’t have to trouble with that rain.

2 A.M

I and Baso went to BPD Sulsel. My pant was wet and so were my shoes. My t-shirt was a bit wet so Baso lent me his batik shirt he brought in his rucksack. I entered the bank. I know some people stared at me walking confidently with drenched pant. I brought a proposal to the 4th floor and gave it to a girl who works there. She gave me a phone number and suggested me to call the number in 3 days.

Next, I went to Gedung Mulo. I was even wetter than before because of the rain. My red sweater also turned wet. I was cold. I entered the secretarial room of the Cultural and Tourism Department of Provinsi Sulawesi Selatan in a bit feeling of scared to moisten the carpet. There were two persons in the room, a man and a woman. I know the room was the secretarial room because I had been here before. The two nice employees gave me a sign that it was okay for me to step on the room even tough I was wet. I think they understood that there had been a trng rain outside recently and still went on. I gave the letter to the woman. It was a letter for the head of the mentioned department from AFS to ask permission to use the Mulo Building. The woman laughed when she red the letter. Damn, it was as I typed the date of the letter wrong. I typed 24 December instead of 24 January! Last nigh, I must have lost my concentration. The woman gave me a phone number that I had to call next day.