Rain Coat Adventure Day IV

First, I went to the Telkom office in Pettarani. Having given the proposal to a girl who works in Speedy desk, I went to Gedung Mulo. It was a bright day. So I really enjoyed the sun burnt my skin. I just prefer hot that cold in the day like this, when I have some outdoor jobs to do. In Gedung Mulo, I was asking about the letter the day before I submitted to the department. They didn’t found the letter in the Kadis (kepala Dinas) offices. Even tough they couldn’t fin the letter in the received letter list book, the friendly woman who works in front of the kadis room said that it maybe have been entered to kadis room.

She asked me to wait. I waited about half an hour. When finally the women advised me check the letter later by phone. She gave me a phone number and I went to Bank Mandiri. Afterwards, I went home because it had been raining again.