Rain Coat Adventure Day V

Wake up at 8 A.M. went to Telkom Flexy’s office. I Went to Mappaodang afterwards to have sa letter signed. Next I went to Mandiri Bank and Tribun Timur office. I went to Mappaodang again to worship in a mosque around. After that I took the letter from Kak Uno. He advised me to go to Pertamina around 2 P.M. it was 1 p.m., I so I have about an hour before I go to Pertamina on Garuda Street. So I decided to go to Mall Ratu Indah and dilly-dallied there by visiting Gramedia. I found a very good journal book there, but I had no money to buy it.

2 A.M, I had to go to Pertamina, but it was raining heavily. But I had to do that, so I ignored the rain, putting my rain coat on and went away to the Pertamina’s offices. My pant was rather wet. I handed over the proposal to a receptionist woman and then left the office to go again to the street.

I thought I was going home. But, when I was on Pettarani Street riding my motorcycle, dad called me and he said that he was in Panakukkang mall with mom. He said that he was going to have coffee in Rally café. So some minutes later, I got together with my family in the café. They are going to watch Avatar movie on 6 p.m. while waiting the movie started, they went here and also because my dad will have a meeting with his friends there. It was a coincidence because I was also starving and rather thirsty. I ate, drunk, chatted with them.

When it was almost 6 p.m. we left the café. My family went to the Panakukkang mall for movie while I also went to Panakukkang mall but to look for a journal book. If I was lucky, I could find the journal book like the one I looked in Mari’s Gramedia bookstore. Indeed, I was lucky because I found the same book there, so I bought it. I have asked money from my mom when I was leaving the café.


The Ghost of You.

When I walked in front of Gramedia, I heard a very familiar song. It was a song I used to listen a lot of time. I even love the album very much. It was ghost of you song from Good Charlotte. It reminds that I have lost the album. I don’t have it anymore in my hard disk. I promised to look for the album right away.