Raint Coat Adventure Part I


What time is this? I checked the time in my hand phone clock. Damn! It is 7 A.M. I dint have a brief one, but I slept. I recalled that I was printing letters and proposals page. I also had to meet Kak Ayumi in 8 A.M. but I wasn’t ready. I had not taken a bath and the sound outside undoubtedly meant it was raining. I went to the living room and see the printed documents. I also left the laptop still working. I was too tired last night.

I had many things to solve that day. I required bringing loads of letter to be signed by Kak Uno, go to many sponsors to examine their responds. But first, I had to meet Kak Ayumi to take two letters and ask for her signature. I bathed and swiftly went to Hasanuddin University when the rain ended. But when I arrived, I found that my hand phone was urgently needed to be charged. So, I went back home to charge the battery. Urgg..Stupid. I should have recharged the battery before I left the house.

After charging my hand phone, I back to unhas. I took the letters and get them signed by Kak Ayumi. Afterward, I grasp the road; I got to go to Kak Ice’s house to leave the letters so Kak Uno could sign them. Miserably, when I had been on Urip Sumoharjo Street, the rain fell heavily. ‘Oh come on’ I cried. I park my motorcycle and waited the rain to stop. When it stopped, I was wet. I had put on my rain coat (this remind me of Kings of Convenience song, the lyric says ‘before I put my rain coat on’), but it was too late, I had been wet.


I looked my self and my tan pant was watery, and so were my shoes. I was wearing t-shirt and it was a bit wet. I will go to BRI today and some offices and I was wet! I reached Kak Ice’s house on Mappaodang Street. Next, I went to BRI on Ahmad Yani Street. I parked my motorcycle helped by an old park man. I went inside, push the lift button and reach the third floor. About 2 .30 P.M I finished the business with BRI people, they couldn’t help the funding for AFS event. They said it was too early, they have not gotten the fund from the center of BRI. It was a bad news. But the good news was my pants dried. Hahaha.

I went to YES TV on Mesjid Raya, went to ILP on Pettarani, and I went to LIA on Boulevard. I waited about 30 minutes before they asked me to go to LIA Ratulangi afterward. I reached the LIA Ratulangi on Ratulangi Street about 3.40 PM. I met Mr. Nasrul, who is the chief of LIA. I know him from a magazine which he once appeared on the front page and know him because I ever joined an English competition held by LIA. We made an agreement about the AFS event. LIA will give valuable voucher for the winner of the competition. Yes, I got one sponsor! It was raining again when I left Mr. Nasrul’s room. I waited the rain stopped by reading some magazines in LIA’s waiting room. I was in hunger. I had not even had a breakfast today. I smsed Kak Uno, ask him whether he had finished signing the letters or not. He replied. He said that he had done the signing. I waited the rain stopped. When it stopped, I reached Mappaodang Street and then after chatting with him and Kak Ice, I went home, because it had been 5 P.M.

I was exhausted and famished. Riding my motorcycle, I stuck in a traffic jam on Urip Sumoharjo Street. It was about 2 km traffic-jam. The smoke, the crowd of the vehicles, the hunger I felt. It was so bad. I arrived home about 6 P.M.


I struggled again with hand phone and AFS stuffs. I contacted the AFSers to get know the condition of the proposal they submit to the sponsors. Even tough I had dinner, but I was still exhausted (not yet recharged by the energy from the food). I might have lost my concentration, that’s why when I talked to Ichi about proposal on a hand phone conversation; I couldn’t understand what she said. She repeated her words over and over, but I still couldn’t figure out, she said I was crazy. ‘sinting ko memang!’,she said. I just laughed. Hahaha. I ended up my day about in the middle of the night, about 00.30 a.m. What a day!