Just a Day

Today was quite fun and I had some activities. first, in the morning i got up early so fresh and riding my motorcycle I headed to JILC Cokro in the middle of Makassar. There, I had the class with Lisa and Dewi,my classmates. As the national examination will be held rightaway, the alumni was moved to a class and separated from the third-graders. Because the management of the course thinks that alumni and the third-graders have different needs in lesson. So there I was, in the class that made special for the alumni of high school in social program.In last thursday, i was not suprised that there were just three students in the class included me. Altough the class was quiest, my new friends are so nice and friendly. Liza is very talkative, honest and from her stories that she likes to tell us during the class, she is kind of a rebellious girl. She was in the class of natural-sciences in the While Dewi comes from Pasuruan, Java, and she is polite and delicate. Today, we got a new friend who joined the class, Nizar from Palu. Nizar was also friendly. I am glad that I got these such friends.

This morning, when I, Lisa and Dewi waited the teacher comes. Dewi begin to talk about how she had to head to JILC very early, about 7.30, because she lives in Sudiang which is very far from cokro (my class starts 9 AM).
"saya kesini udah dari jam stengah 8. abis pete-petenya lama, jadi musti cepat." begitulah kira-kira yang dikatakannya. Dan kemudian, Dewi cerita.
"Tadi saya abis jalan-jalan di pasar" katanya
"Ha? Pasar? Pasar maana?" saya penasaran. Lisa entah tidak dengar atau tidak tertarik dengan kunjungan dewi ke pasar di pagi ini.
"Ini, pasar yang dekat sini" balas Dewi.
"Oh..." Haha, saya kira pasar mana. Pasar yang dimaksudnya adalah Pasar Sentral. Sudahlah, saya tidak perlu menceritakan bagaimana pasar sentral itu, tapi yang jelas mungkin bagi Dewi yang masih baru di Makassar, pasar sentral mungkin terlihat menarik.

A Lesson on Accounting and Some Extra Wise Tenets Given by My New Economics Teacher.

My new economy teacher is Kak Ancha. As he began the class, he asked the name of the student one by one and asked us what we chose in llast year university entrance. After asking and listen to our answer and our brief history on how we can arrive there in his class instead of being in the college like other ones, he encouraged us by saying that it was okay for us to have such a moment like this, when we have to back to high school lessons, strugle with the lessons and bury our dreams to walk in our desire university.

He told us that when he graduated from his school, he didnt directly go to the college. instead of taking his free pass to enter faculty of econmy in hasanuddin univesity, he hide away his will and he postponed his study. He said that he was looking for a way that can help him study and suffice his needs by himself and also to help his parents. So he only entered the university two years later. he was majoring in accounting in hasanuddin university. when he graduated he works in JILC. he works untill now and he said that he was going to take a master degree right away.

He also told us that we have to keep striving for our dream and said, "you will make it this year, i am sure!". I like such kind of people like him, who likes to encourage people and give us wise words. About 10 minutes before he started his lesson, he was giving us some tenets. He gave some tenets and these are the two of them:
1. everything you give to people, you will eventually get the same. if someone gave us a bad treat we will get a good treat from another else. if we do something bad to other people we eventually will get the same.the same thing happen when we do a good thing to somebody. if we do something good to people that we will get even better things in the future. in everyday life, we may have bad treats from other people, and it hurt us. but, by understading this, we can be patient and face the everyday lifes easily. even some people hurt us, we can face it with smile.
2. when we give alms, or give other people money, we eventually get the things we gave back from other sources.

After giving us some wise tenets, then he began the lesson. when the lesson was over and we had had a break, we had a geography class, then the class finished.

The tenets made me remember other tenets or advices given by Kak Aca in my last visit to his house, january the 30th. At the time, after sunset prayer, and we had a four eye chat. After talking about colleges stuffs and careers, Kak Aca begin to give me some advices , the brief conclusion of the advices were like these:
1. rajin-rajin sedekah. katanya apapun yang kita berikan ke orang lain ppasi akan kembali juga kepada kita, bahkan dengan jumlah lebih banyak (sama dengan saran dari Kak Ancha)
2. Rajin sholat duha dan tahajjud. kata kak aca ini adalah fasilitas yang jarang dignakan oleh kaum muslim, padahal manfaatnya banyak.
3. terakhir kak Aca ngasih tahu supaya kalo naik motor hati-hati.

Panakukang Mall, Pelita and Sinetron

about 12 o'clock i was in panakukang mall with my mom. i accompanied my mom to buy household needs. We lunched. Mom ate Gado-gado, while i ate my oily fried rice greedily. After the luch, i wanted to have a cup of KFC's cream soup, but i buried away my will. I was just lazy to queue! Haha. After lunch, I waited dad to come to pick my mom home. When i had done the business with my mom, i went to pelita. I wanted to have a brief nap. At three o'clock i will go to kak ahlul house. It was almost 2 pm when i arived in my grandparents house in pelita. So i have about an hour to stay there, to take a rest of course.In the house there was just Abah, he said that nenek was out for shopping. So in front of television, I chatted with him, we talked about my plan to take UGM entrance test next march. he gave me some advices, that i can stay in some places around Jogja or i can take the test in jakarta and stay in Aunt Erna house. I dont know, where i will take the test. Balikpapan, Jogjakarta, or jakarta, i have no idea. i watched a sinetron with him while talking this stuff. It was funny because somehow i enjoyed watching the short sinetron movie on tv.it was such a funny one. After taking a dzuhur pray, i went away from the house.

Some New Songs I Got

I picked Kak Rijal in Snoopy and then we went to kak ahlul house. Kak Ahlul invited me and other kids to come to his hose bacause his mother had brought home a sack of durian. So i spent the afternoon in kak ahlul house, playing, talking with him, his friendly family, Kak Rijal, and also Kak Artha. Browsing in Kak Artha's laptop, I found and copied some great musics that i have been looking for and the musics i am curious to listen to! I copied:
The whitest boy alive (one album), Owl City, John Mayer, The Postal Service, Goodight electric's songs (technology, the rocket ship goes by, and automatic heart),The Temper Trap (Sweet Disposition), Telepopmusik and technotronics. I love them.

That's all the day.

dokumentasi foto didownload dari album kak ahlul di facebook dan kemudian di re-upload disini.